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Finally after testing and developing we have an easy to use durable headlight restoration kit for everyone. Over the past 4 years we have tested several headlight restoration kits for foggy headlights that are available in auto supply stores and on the Internet. Not many of them met our standards. Today I am happy to announce that we have the perfect headlight restoration kit to restore foggy cloudy headlights that the average person can use. Next week Monday 24th Jan 2011 we will be releasing the EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit.

I have personally tested this kit on several vehicles and was blown away with the results. As I said before it was easy to use and I was amazed with the clarity of the lenses when finished. I guarantee you will be amazed when you use the best headlight restoration kit on the market from fixmyheadlights.com

What Makes this headlight restoration kit the best?

  1. It is easy to use
  2. Crystal clear finish like new
  3. Durable - Long lasting sealer
  4. Cost effective - reasonable price $24.95
  5. Enough product to restore 2 cars (4 headlights)
  6. Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration kit includes:

  • Sand paper
  • Plastic Polish Compound
  • Plastic Headlight Pretreater
  • Specific Sealer design for plastic headlights
  • Applicators
  • Gloves

Now you don't have to drive around with foggy cloudy headlights anymore. You have the choice of using the best headlight restoration service in South Florida or using the easy do it yourself (DIY) headlight restoration kit from fixmyheadlights.com. Plus you can depend on our expertise in the headlight restoration industry. But most important our headlight restoration kit will make your foggy healights look like new in 4 ez steps.

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