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Abes Headlight Restoration Blog
  1. Brandon could not believe how his headlights tranformed from foggy to like brand spanking new. He said "this headlight restoration kit works like magic." His VW Jetta had foggy headlights. He tried other headlight restoration kits before but this was the first time his headlights look like new. He was estatic.

    Tired of using other headlight restoration kits and home remedy to clean and restore your foggy headlights, yellow headlights, oxidized headlights or dull hazy headlights. I want you to give the ez4u2 headlight restoration kit a try. We guarantee it's going to clean and restore your headlights like new or your money back. You have nothing to loose. Like Brandon you will see the magic it does to your headlights.

    Check out Brandons video with his Volkswagen Jetta headlight restoration

  2. Headlight Restoration Kit New Lens Sealer

    We have finally completed our headlight restoration kit lens sealer formula. It took a while to get it right but we did it. We had to make sure it lasted longer than the original formular. Also it had to have all the great qualities of the original sealer. The headlight lens had to look like new plus it had to be easy to apply. Another cool thing that we did is improve on the drying time. Our new lens sealer dries to the touch in 5 minutes.

    Our original headlight restoration kit is awesome but our new headlight restoration kit is better. We've improved on everything in our lens sealer. The lens sealer in any headlight restoration kit determines how good that kit is. What we were looking to accomplish with with this lens sealer we were able to achieve it and better. 

    Our new lens sealer:
    1. It dries faster
    2. It last 3 to 4 times longer. 
    3. Clears the headlight lens like new
    4. Easy to apply
    5. Covers evenly
    We will be releasing it soon. We are working on packaging and thing of using drill adaptors for sanding and polishing. Some of our customers are asking that we produce a headlight restoration kit for people who are more mechanicaly inclined. This way they can restore their headlights faster. Tell us what you think. 

    Send us an email an let us know what you think about a mechanical headlight restoration kit. Or you prefer the old manual DIY headlight restoration kit. We appreciate your opinion. Restore your headlights and stay safe on the road.

  3. We Made Our Headlight Restoration Kit Better

    How did we improve on the best headlight restoration kit on the market? What we realized was that, sanding with the sandpaper was just not efficient enough. We found that the sandpaper by itself was slipping and sticking on the headlight lenses. It was frustrating to me and I am a headlight restoration service professional. So can imagine what my customers were feeling. So we decided to add a sandpaper backing pad to our headlight restoration kit to make sanding your headlights easier than before.

    How to use the sandpaper backing pad

    The sanding backing pad is very easy to use. Simply fold the sandpaper over the soft rubber backing pad and begin sanding. Now you can sand your headlight lenses with much more ease. No more sandpaper slipping out of your hands or sticking on the lenses.  Because the backing pad is thick enough you can easily grip it. Having a firm grip on the backing pad you can now apply the right amount of pressure needed. So you can restore your headlights in a shorter period of time. After all sanding your foggy headlights is the most time spent on restoring them.

    Get the best headlight restoration kit on the market

    If you have foggy or hazy headlight lens get our EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit. You will be happy that you did. Thousands have used our headlight restoration kit over the past 7 years so far we have no returns. We guarantee our headlight restoration kit will make your hazy headlights look like NEW or your money back.

    Headlight Lenses Sealer

    Our headlight restoration kit comes with a lenses sealer. This is vitally important to the longevity of your restoration to you lenses. On average it will keep your headlights looking clean about a year to a year and a half depending on driving conditions and weather conditions. If you don't seal your lenses your headlights will oxidize in a very short period of time. If you use a polish to seal them they will start oxidizing as soon as the polish wears away and you will have foggy headlight again.

    Order the best headlight restoration kit
    Click on the order button below and get the best headlight restoration kit on the market. Guaranteed!


  4. Happy New Year 2015

    Happy New Year to everyone from us at fixmyheadlights.com 
    It's the time of the year when we all make resolutions for the incomming new year. We hope you are able to reach your goals you set for yourself this year. Make this year better than previous years. Stay with determination  and percivere it making it happen.Take one day at a time. Remember everyday goes by brings you closer to your victory. Leave 2014 behind. Only bring the things and habits that's worth keeping in 2015. Have a blast, kick some ass and have some fun this year. Make this the best year of your life. Again Happy New Year!!!

  5. The Holidays Are Here

    It’s this time of the year again which in one way or the other we all play a part. It’s the time of giving and sharing full of love and togetherness. The festive atmosphere is contagious. Yes it’s the Holidays Season. It is my favorite time of the year.

    Happy Holidays

    We would like to extend our warmest wishes to all who celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all! Those who celebrate Hanukah, Happy Hanukah to you! To those who celebrate Kwanza, Happy Kwanza to you all. And to everyone we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Do Not Drink And Drive

    In celebrating the holidays festivities remember safety. Please Do Not Drink And Drive. If you intend consuming alcoholic drinks please appoint a designated driver. Or have a taxi service in your phone contact to have easy access to use. Or probably overnight at your friends where you are partying. Use whatever alternative way you can to get back to your home safely, instead of driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Reality Checks

    A reality check here is your whole life can change in a split second. You can ruin your life as well as others. Just remember once you are in an accident there are no do over’s.  So we employ you to make your safety as well as others a priority while celebrating this joyous season. Again we would like to emphasize, drink responsively. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE
    To You And Your Family The Warmest Wishes Over The Holiday Season and Happy New Years!

    PS. Foggy headlights causes accidents. So if you have foggy headlights restore them with our DIY headlight restoration kit. Or in Broward county Florida call us 954-272-8560 for our headlight restoration service.
  6. How Not To Clean Your Headlights With Toothpaste

    Cleaning your foggy headlights with toothpaste is hitting the internet like wild fire. There are so many videos about restoring cloudy or foggy headlights with toothpaste that I had to put my spin on it. I gave my son and his buddies who are in the movie production buisness a chance to put their creative twist to this activity. 
    What they came up with, I thought was very funny. The sceen involves a young man getting frustrate trying to clean his oxidized headlights with a tootbrush and a tube of toothpaste. 
    Here is a link to  the video on my face book page

    Facebook Link to Headlight cleaning with toothpaste

    Like Us we appreciate it

    To order the EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit click on the order Tab below

  7. Restore Your Foggy Headlights Faster

    Coming Soon
    Restore Your Dull Hazy Headlights In 3 Easy Steps

    We have a new and improved headlight restoration kit. Instead of using 4 steps to restore your hazy headlights now you can restore them in 3 easy steps. It's easy as 1 > 2 > 3
    • Old Kit
      4 Step Headlight Restoration System

    1. Wet sand your dull or hazy headlights
    2. Polish the deoxidized headlights
    3. Prep or clean for sealing
    4. Seal

    Because we have improved our lenses sealer we have removed the polishing step. Which means you can restore your headlights faster than before. So now it is easy as 1, 2, 3

    • New Kit
      3 EZ Step Headlight Restoration System

    1. Wet sand your foggy headlights
    2. Prep your headlights for sealing
    3. Seal your headlights to look like new!
              That's it !

    • Our New Basic Headlight Restoration Kit Content:

    • Sand Paper - 400 grit 1000 grit 2000 grit 3000 grit
    • 2oz prep cleaner
    • 2oz plastic lens sealer with application towel
    • vinyl glove
    • instructions

               Our new headlight restoration kit is

    SAND         PREP          SEAL

    That's it!
    Here is how to order
    click on the order tab below and order your headlight restoration kit today. You will be happy that you did.
    Click on the order button


  8. Different Ways To Clean Foggy Headlights

    There are so many different ways to clean your foggy or oxidized headlights but what it comes down to is which way is the right way for you. Also you have to consider what is the correct way to not only clean your hazy headlights but restore those undesirable yellow lens. Here is four of the most popular ways we have come across toothpaste method, using brake fluid, buffing and polishing and finally is the system that professionals use is the sanding and sealing method. 

    Cleaning Your Foggy Headlights With Toothpaste

    Cleaning your foggy headlights with toothpaste is one of the most popular method seen on YouTube. Tools requires is a buffing machine and a tube of toothpaste. Let’s see what is your cost you. An inexpensive buffing machine $30.00 and a tube of toothpaste $3.00 total $33.00. If you already have a buffing machine $3.00. The type of oxidized headlight lens this will work on are completely yellow or yellowish lenses. If your lenses are partially oxidized or has that rough feeling like scales then toothpaste will not work effectively. Using toothpaste on that yellow headlights will look a lot better they will actually look clean and your light projection will improve. However you will notice that your headlights are not crystal clear. Yes they will look clean but not like new. Now looking at what you had before which was a pair of yellow headlights and now they are clearer and cleaner is as I said before is a major improvement. The biggest drawback with cleaning your headlights with toothpaste is that you will have to keep cleaning them every month. The reason why, is because of the nature of your headlight lenses. They are made with polycarbonate plastic which are porous and has to be sealed in order to have durability. Using toothpaste is a good way to clean your oxidized headlights if they are yellowish and providing you have the time to stay on top of them and clean them every month.

    Using Brake Fluid To Clean Your Foggy Headlights

    Over the seven years I have been professionally restoring dull, hazy and foggy headlights I have come across many people who have used brakes fluid to clean their headlights. Some of them had favorable experiences in their first try and then turned in a complete disaster after. They turned milky white. Then they called us in to try and restore them. If you have ever felt brake fluid on your fingers it has a warming effect. This warming effect has some type of reaction to the plastic that cause to turn lens milky white. Unless you have done this before and have some experience with the timing in using brake fluid to clean foggy headlight then I strongly suggest refraining from using this method. Because you can irreversibly damage your headlight lenses.

    Buffing and Polishing Method To Clean Foggy Headlights.

    This is another very popular method used to clean your foggy headlights. This is very similar to the toothpaste method. The difference is you are using a sanding compound and a polish instead of toothpaste. You would need a buffing machine $30, compound $8 and car polish 12 a total of $50. 
    This is the method that most of the car wash guys use. It has a little broader spectrum of the type of headlights they can clean. Now you can clean yellow headlights, foggy headlights, whitish looking headlights and some partially clear headlights. The reason they can clean these types of oxidized headlights is because the compound has a grit to it. This grit has a sanding effect and would remove a lot of the crap on the headlight lenses. Then when the polish is applied it gives it a shine with more clarity. So now your lenses look a whole lot better but now like new! In my opinion this is a much better method to use over the toothpaste. 
    However the big drawback is that your lenses will only stay clear only for as long as the polish is able to last. In most cases a couple of week to a couple of months. The polish provides some sort of protection because it may have either a wax of silicone residue. But once it wears off your headlights will start reversing to getting foggy again. The reason this happens is because the headlight lenses are porous and has to be sealed. If they are not sealed with a good quality plastic sealer they will not last a long period of time.

    The Professional Way To Restore your Foggy Headlights

    Headlight restoration professional use the sand and seal method. It’s the tried and true way to clean and restore foggy headlights. Our DIY (do it yourself) headlight restoration kit $19.95 This method covers all types of oxidized headlight lenses. Whether you have:
    • Yellowing headlight lenses
    • Cloudy whitish looking lenses
    • The rough discolored type lenses
    • Partially clear and foggy lenses
    The reason it works for all different types of oxidized headlight lenses is because you are able sand away the damage down to the plastic. Once you reach down to the pure plastic it’s a matter of reversing the process like the manufacturer and make the lenses like new again. The principle is the same for any type of object.

    This is how it works

    Step 1 Sanding
    starting with a coarse grit of sandpaper then proceed to finer grits of sandpaper.
    example 400 to 1000 to 2000 grit.

    Step 2 Polishing
    polish the headlights with a good quality plastic lens polish to bring the lenses to a shine.

    Step 3 Prepare the lenses
    Prep the lenses to be sealed.
    Clean the lenses with a silicone and grease remover solution so your plastic lenses sealer can adhere properly to the lenses.

    Step 4
    Seal your headlight lenses.
    Use a good quality plastic lens sealer and seal your headlights. That’s it!
    Your headlight will look like new and give at least 1 or 2 years in some cases 3 years longevity.

  9. Happy Thanks Giving

    On behalf of the management and staff of FixMyHeadlights.com headlights restoration service and kits we would like to wish each and everyone a "SAFE and HAPPY THANKS GIVING" from our family to you and yours.

    Drive To Stay Alive

    In this festive time be resposible for yourself and others and please, please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Call a friend get a designated driver.

    Texting And Driving A Big NO NO!

    Just as a reminder DO NOT TEXT WHILE DRIVING whatever it is, it can wait untill you can stop or pull over to respond. It takes a blink of an eye to comletely change your life. Drive to stay alive.

  10. Back To School Road Safety

    Foggy Headlights Overlooked

    Foggy headlights get overlooked because it doesn't seem to be such a big deal. Most people think it only affects the appearance of their vehicle. But in fact it should be a major concern for us because according to DMV Foggy or hazy headlights is one of the leading causes of night time vehicle accidents. The reason they give is foggy headlights reduces your light projection as much as 70 percent. So please do not overlook foggy headlights on your cars especially the ones your kids are driving. The solution to fix foggy headlights is headlight restoration a very simple process and very inexpensive. You can restore foggy headlights by doing it for yourself with a headlight restoration kit average cost $20.00 or if you don't think it something you want to do yourself you can hire a professional headlight restoration service. Keyword being professional. Average cost for both headlights with a 1 to 3 year warranty is between $80 to $120. 

    The summer vacation is over and our kids are heading back to school. Many of our babies are now young adults entering college and driving. We are not in the picture anymore to assist them looking over their shoulders to make sure they keep safe. It is an adjustment but this is part of the transition to becoming an adult. For many of them they will be having the responsibility for their first vehicle. So before setting out with their first car we most likely did whatever repairs and safety checks on it. Like giving it a tune up, checking the brakes, oil and fluids change. Brake lights, turning signal lights and headlight bulbs replacement. In this year safety check PLEASE DON"T OVERLOOK foggy headlights anymore. It is a major safety issue that can be very dangerous to your young adult. 

    Hazy Headlights Is A Major Problem For Your Young Adults

    Don't compromise their safety. Restore the foggy headlights on their vehicle it will be one thing less you will have to worry about. Click on this link ' How To Restore Foggy Headlights ' watch this video to see how you can restore them for yourself with a professional headlight restoration kit. The video give explicit details on how it all done so the average person can do a headlight restoration job on any type of oxidized headlight bringing them back to OEM quality. This headlight restoration kit has everything that you will need to restore your headlights to look like new. If your vehicle has foggy, hazy or cloudy headlights don't put off fixing them any longer get this headlight restoration kit. I guarantee you will be happy with the results. Click on the order tab below to get your headlight restoration kit today
  11. Are You Getting Another Tie For Father's Day?

    The big question is what do you get the guy who has everything. Not another Tie or piece of clothing. Be unique be original restore the hazy headlights on dads car for this Father's Day. You can do it yourself with our easy to use headlight restoration kit or hire our service to do the headlight restoration for you. It has everything in it to restore those foggy headlights like new. The nice thing is No Power Tools Required!

    Restoring The Hazy Headlights Yourself

    If you decide to get the headlight restoration kit there are a couple of ways this can work out.

    1. If dad is a handy guy then you can simply gift wrap the headlight restoration kit and give him as a gift. He does it for himself. Click here for complete video instructions on how to use our headlight restoration kit plus there is written instruction that comes in the kit as well.
    2. If he is not that handy then you can make it like a joint venture to restore the headlights with you and him. This is a nice way to spend some quality time with him. Doing a project like this is one of the times you tend to keep in your memory for life. There is that bond a man has with kid and his car.
    3. If dad is not the handy at all. Simply take the time out yourself look at the instruction video and do it yourself for him. He will be totally pleased. You will really good seeing his lights, light up.
    4. If neither you or your father is handy you can get the kit and have someone restore the headlights for you.
    Click On The Order Button T o Order Your Headlight Restoration Kit

    Our Headlight Restoration Service

    Here is the most important criteria if you decide to use our headlight restoration service, you must be in South Florida in the Miami Dade area. Simply call us at 954-272-8560 to setup an appointment and we will come to you to restore your hazy headlights. That's how simple and convenient it is.

    Here are some of the cities in South Florida our headlight restoration service is available: Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Weston, Cooper City, Miami Gardens, Miami Springs, Miami, Southwest Ranches, Tamarac, Lauderhill, Ft. Lauderdale, Cooper City, Margate, Coral Springs, Dania Beach, Lighthouse point, Hollywood, Hialeah, Doral, Sunrise, Plantation, Aventura, Pine Crest, Bayside, Coconut Creek, Coral Gables, Hallendale, West Park, Davie and Sawgrass.


    To all the dads we wish you happy Father's Day from EZ4u2 Inc.

  12. Summer Road Trip With Hazy Headlights

    A customer just reminded me about cleaning or restoring hazy headlights for this summer’s road trip. Susan Wilson called us last Friday to use our headlight restoration service to  restore her hazy headlights on her 2007 Honda Accord. She lives down here in Weston South Florida and was planning a road trip to West Virginia to visit her family. By the way that's an 18 hour drive. While talking to her she was expressing some of her concerns about the trip and one of the major things was her headlights was looking hazy. She was very worried about being able to see the road while driving at night. A couple of time she had to check whether or not she had turned ON her headlights because they were so hazy.

    Use A Headlight Restoration Kit Or Service

    Susan was contemplating restoring her hazy headlights herself with a headlight restoration kit but while doing her research online she saw a couple of our videos on YouTube. One of them was the instructional video for the EZ4U2 headlights restoration kit and the other was the video restoring the severely oxidized headlights on a BMW 325I that looked new when completed. She told me she was going to buy the kit but because of her busy schedule she decided to get our service instead. For her the nice thing was we are a local headlight restoration service company and the other was the convenience. She didn't have to lose any time from work because we are a mobile service who would come to her office.  

  13. Restore Mom's Headlights For Mother's Day

    Do something special for your mom today. Go check out the headlights on her car. See if they are crystal clear or if they are foggy or cloudy looking. If she has foggy headlights you should restore them. It's a great unique idea as a gift for her this Mother's Day. It is going to make a huge difference for her especially when she is driving at night. According to DMV cloudy headlights dims or shortens your light projection which is a major contributor for causing accidents at night.

    Restoring Mom's Car Cloudy Headlights Priceless

    Although restoring her headlights is a simple and easy process that is quite inexpensive doing anything to keep her safe is priceless. Restoring her headlights is giving her the ability to see the road clearer while driving at night. You have two ways you can have them done. The less expensive way is to do it yourself with our headlight restoration kit. But by you restoring them for her will add that specially personal touch which is priceless. The other way is to have it done professionally by a headlight restoration service like us. Simply call us we come over restore them like new. Here's our number 954-272-8560 Either way her headlights will look like new.

    Happy Mother's Day to the special women we are previlage to call MOM
    Thank You for being there!
    We Love You!
  14. The Pros & Con About Plastic Headlights

    In the early 1990's the auto industry change over from glass headlights to plastic headlights. This change certainly had his advantages and disavantages. One of the most visible problem that came with plastic headlights is that they get oxidized. The oxidization may look foggy, cloudy, yellow and in some cases you can physically feel the roughness on the headlight lens.

    Glass Headlights

    The typical headlights previous to the 1990's were made with glass. These glass headlights never had the oxidization problem like the plastic type does. On the other hand there was a limitation on the shape of the lens. The glass headlights were very inexpensive to replace if they got damage because they were basically small seal beams. A big problem with the glass headlights came in the event of an accident. The broken glass added extra danger and damage. The flying glass caused more injuries plus the broken glass left behind after an accident was responsible for tire blow outs which caused more accidents.

    Plastic Headlights

    Have you noticed the aero dynamic shapes and designed of the plastic headlights in today’s automobiles. These new shapes and designs have changed the overall outlook on vehicles today. In my opinion they are just spectacular. To produce these headlights in plastic are way less expensive to produce them in glass. They are also a lot safer in the event of an accident. Because the plastic headlights are made with poly carbonate lens they are much harder to brake. They are able to take greater impact than the glass type. The big draw back with the plastic lens is they get oxidized. Replacing them can be very expensive especially in the high end vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Lexus, Infinity also Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati’s. The average cost of these headlights can range between $350 to $2000 each. Yes each!

    Why Does The Plastic Headlight Lens Oxidized?

    This is one of the biggest questions on peoples mind in reference to their headlights. Because most of us are not use to their headlights getting foggy. Reason being we still remember when we had glass headlights they almost never got foggy unless they had water inside. OK why does your headlights get foggy or oxidized?
    Before we answer that question we need to understand the nature of the plastic headlights. First to beginning the plastic the lens are made from is porous so the manufacturer has to seal them for them to stay looking crystal clear over a long period of time. Now we know that we that you will be better able to understand the break down. Imagine if you will a vehicle in traffic moving at 60 to 80 mph. The cars in front of you are propelling debris from their rear tires at these high velocity onto the front of your vehicle where your headlights are located. This debris is basically sand, small rocks, dirt and petroleum. So it like your headlights are getting sand blasting everyday your drive your vehicle. Eventually what happens is some of the rocks will break or chip the sealer of the headlights. Then the dirt, acid rain and petroleum set into these cracks which are then cooked by the UV rays of the sun.
    This cook up as I call it is the perfect condition for the breakdown of the sealer on your plastic headlights. These rip in the sealer gets bigger and more noticeable with time and eventually one day you notice your headlights are foggy or hazy. Another way you might realize you have oxidized headlights is  while driving at night you might be wondering whether or not your headlights are ON or OFF because your dramatic reduction of your light projection caused by your oxidized headlight lens. Oxidized lens can look cloudy, hazy, whitish in color or yellow and in some cases they feel rough to the touch. However the good thing is that these foggy, oxidized headlights can be fixed very easily without breaking your bank. 
  15. Foggy Headlights Is A Huge World Wide Problem

    Foggy headlights is a problem around the world because the automotive industry is producing poly carbonate plastic lens instead of glass headlights for vehicles. Don't be judgmental about manufacturers because there are pros and cons about both type of lens which I will go over on my next blog post. The bigger problem however is that most people don't know what to do about their oxidized headlights. They can't imagine there is a simple solution to their dull hazy headlights. Even in this day and age where you have easy access to an enormous amount of information on the internet. Most people just think it is a normal progression of how it is and never do anything about it. Others think that the only thing to do is replace their ugly looking foggy headlights because like any other cars part it served it's time and needs to be replaced.

    The Truth About Oxidized Headlights

    The simple truth is that 99% of oxidized headlights can be restored to look like new. You can do it yourself with a headlight restoration kit for under $20.00 or you can have it done professionally by a headlight restoration service like ours. Either way they are going to make your car look a lot better. To restore plastic headlights is the same basic steps you will take to restore any item weather it's wood or metal. Step 1 clean the surface. Remove the oxidation by sanding. Step 2 bring to a smooth finish. Either by sanding with extra fine grit sand paper and or polish. Step 3 seal it. If you use a polish you may need to use a cleaner and that's it. It is not complicated at all. The major difference between wood or metal and plastic is that it is much more difficult to get the right sealer to adhere to plastic and get a crystal clarity.

    Headlight Restoration Video In Real Time

    Click on this link here to see a Headlight Restoration Instructional Video with our easy to use headlight restoration kit in real time. This video will give you a true sence on how it all done and how long it takes. The video will take you through step by step from start to finish. From a typical foggy cloudy looking headlight to a headlight that looks like new. The key word here is NEW not just clean but like new. So take a look at the instructional video, get yourself our headlight restoration kit and go restore your cloudy headlights. You will have a totally renewed feeling about your car again. Because cleaning your hazy headlights just doesn't only make your headlights look great. It makes your car look newer. I recommend your get our kit and see for yourself. You will be happy that you did. I guarantee it or your money back!
    Click on the order now button to you headlight restoration kit today

  16. Earn An Income Restoring Foggy Headlights

    Resorting foggy headlights can be a very lucrative way to earn an income weather part time of full time. It is not rocket science so the learning curve is not humongous. Also restoring cloudy headlights is not a very expensive venture. You have the potential of earning $50 or more an hour for your service plus you work for yourself. If being self-employed is something you desire because of frustration on the job or just got laid off or out of work looking for something to do to earn a descent and honest living, headlight restoration service is as I said before can be a very lucrative solution.

    How To Start Your Headlight Restoration Service Business

    1. A Good Headlight Restoration System

      The most important thing is, you have to use a good headlight restoration system for your service. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of using the right system. Once you have decided what headlight restoration system you are going to use go to the next step and purchase a headlight restoration kit. Just buy one or two kits. DO NOT get succored in and buy any large quantity of product before you test out a kit to see whether or not this is going to do what it says it would. Also look to see how simple it is to use. But the most important thing is the end results. Does the headlights look like new? Not just clean. They must look like new!! That is what separates us from the rest. Our headlight restoration system restores foggy headlights to look like new plus it last between one to two years.
    2. Marketing Plan:
      Having a good marketing plan is your road map to success. Figure out how are you going to bring your service to the masses. What is the sense of having the best headlight restoration service and no one knows about it. So you have to let people know about service.
      Here are some suggestions: Business Cards, Flyers, Website, Social Networking and most powerful Word of mouth.
    3. Legal Stuff
      You will want to also figure is this going to be a part time thing to make a couple extra hundred dollars or is this going to be a full time business. If this is going to be a full time business then you will need to get the proper documentations. Such as Cooperation filing or DBA (doing business as), Licenses, Insurance and a Tax ID.
      (Disclaimer: This information is meant for educational purposes only. Please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in the area.)
    4. Professionalism:
      Take pride and be a professional in what you do. Being the best at what you do is great but there is more to growing a business. These are some of the things you need to become good at: Answering your phone, dress the part, be on time for your appointment, keep organize, be courteous and stay in communication with your customers they pay the bills.

    The Headlight Restoration is a fun business.

    You get to meet some awesome people along the way and earn a rewarding income. Headlights restoration is not for everyone but if you are one of those people who like to work in the auto industry that does not need any technical knowledge then cleaning and restoring headlights might be the right job for you. After 5 going on 6 years I am still amazed when I'm finished with a job and bring a smile to my client faces.
    If you are looking to make a livelihood from headlight restoration I suggest you try our headlight restoration kit. Test it for yourself and you will see why my customers are happy and refers their friends and family to us. Click on the order button below and get started today

  17. International Shipping Increase Today

    As of today February 03rd 2013 because of the cost of shipping has been increase by USPS, we have no choice but to increase the international shipping rate to the current price of $24.95. We are very sorry about the inconvenience but this is completely out of control.
  18. Happy Holidays

    We wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family.
    May your wishes come through especially in this holidays season. 

    Drive Safely 

    From all of us at FixMyHeadlights.com
    Where restoring foggy headlights is making our roads safer one headlight at a time with our headlight restoration service or do it yourself headlight restoration kit.
  19. How To Clean Your Ugly Headlights Lens 4 EZ Steps

    Yes that's correct you can clean your ugly headlights lens in four easy steps with professional results. We have not only been cleaning ugly headlights lens but restoring them every day since 2007. Now we will show you how you can do it for yourself as well. The process is actually quite simple.
    • Step 1:     Wet Sand Your Headlight Lens
    • Step 2:     Polish The Lens
    • Step 3:     Pre-treat Clean the Lens
    • Step 4:     Seal Your Headlights Lens
    That's it! It's not complicated. It is very simple. This is the basic principles of restoring just about anything. Cloudy or foggy headlights lens is no different. The only thing you have to put in place now is the different grit of sand paper. The type of polish, lens cleaner and sealer to be used. So let's get to it.

    Headlight Restoraton Materials

    Apart from the basic sand paper, polish, cleaner and sealer there are a couple of other items you will need. A roll of masking tape, a spray bottle with water and a roll paper towel. Ok, let's get started. First thing you need to do is tape around the healights lens of your car to protect your paint job. Now your lens are taped off start sanding with 400 grit sandpaper then proceed to 1000 grit and finally 2000 grit. Note: while sanding keep spraying the lens with water also keep examining the lens for remaining imperfections. Once sanding is completed proceed to polish the lens with a high quality compound polish. After polishing use a cleaner to remove any oily residue from the polish. Finally dry your lens and seal them. Look at the instructional video below.

    Headlight Restoration Kit
    Instructional Video


    The EZ2 Use Headlight Restoration Kit

    The headlight restoration kit that has everything you will need to restore your ugly headlights lens. We have put the same stuff we use in a kit so you can clean your headlights and get the same results that we have been making our customers happy everyday. Your headlights just wouldn't look clean they will look like new!! Click on the order button below and get your headight restoration kit. You can feel confident that your headlights will look like new, I guarantee it with a full money back guarantee.

    Click Here to order your headlight restoration kit
  20. Happy Thanks Giving 2012

    We would like to wish you a Happy Thanks Giving 

    from everyone at FixMyHeadlights.com headlight restoration system.

    In the spirit of this holiday dedicated to giving thanks. We at fixmyheadlights.com are thankful for everybody reading this. 
    We wish all of your families a wonderful day, and a fantastic turkey filled dinner with the ones you love. Of course, safety is always the first priority. We ask everyone to be safe in your black Friday shopping. I wish all would remember the begging’s of this holiday and not the consumerist economy stimulus it has become. We hope everyone arrives safe in their travels.
  21. Grandma Restored Her Foggy Headlights

    Ellen a 62 year old grandma met me in the Yellow Greem Farmers Market in Hollywood Florida while she was visiting her family. She had told me about her foggy headlights so I asked her if she needed our service or is willing to restore it herself with our easy to use headlight restoration kit. She wanted the service but the problem was she lived out of state. I suggested she look at the video instruction for the headlight restoration kit which we had running to see if she thought she can fix it herself. After watching the video she opted to purchase the kit and restore her foggy headlights herself.

    The Kit Is The Same Headlight Restoration System We Use 

    I expained to her the system we use to restore headlights in the field is the same exact materials we put in our kit so the results are going to be very much alike,'new looking headlights.' I also suggested she look at the video again online on our website FixMyHeadlights.com. Well she bought the headlight restoration kit to did it herself. 

    Grandma Was Amazed

    A couple of day ago I got an email from Ellen. She had restored her headlights and she was amazed with the results so she wanted to share her before and after pictures with us. Here is her email and her pics.

    Ellen email:

    Hi Abe,
    Here's my testimonial to a great product. Hope it helps others to fix there hazy headlights.
    Regards, Ellen,
    I own a 2001 Mazda, which is still in excellent running and physical condition with the exception of the hazy headlights, they had become dull and ugly looking. It made driving at night more difficult because sometimes I didn't know if my headlights were on or off. I met Abe at the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood while visiting from out of town, and was impressed with his knowledge and friendly demeanor. I also watched the video, helping me to see how the process works. Since I'm on a budget, I decided to purchase his headlight restoration kit and hope that I could do as good a job as the professionals on the video. I'm happy to say that it was easier to do and took less time than I expected. I'm extremely pleased with the results and would recomend anyone who has hazy headlights to use this kit. If a 62 year old woman can achieve good results, anyone can. See for yourself look at the pictures

    Headlight restoration
    Thanks Abe!

    If A GrandMa Can Restore Her Headlights So Can You

    Use the same headlight restoration kit that grandma Ellen used to restore her hazy headlights. Order it now right here

  22. The Best Headlight Restoration Kit I"ve Tried

    I received your headlight restoration kit and used it on my 325i BMW it works amazingly! I could not beleive my eyes with the results my headlights which were very cloudy, now look like new. I have saved so much money. I think your headlight restoration system is the best in the market. I have tried 2 big name brand kits before using yours and they don't come close to yours. You instructions were straight forward and so was your video instructions. I would definately recomend your kit to my friends.

     Thank you so much! You guys are great! 
    PS: feel free to share my comments on your blog.

    Hi Abraham,
    I am very satisfied with the fixmyheadlights headlight restoration kit.  Just a little elbow grease for about an hour and the outcome is Great!  Now I can see at night.  Here are some before and after photos.  I would strongly recommend using this product. Don't waste your time with other kit like I did.
    By the way the written instructions were clear and easy to follow.  I previously used a national brand (Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit), but there was very little improvement to my cloudy headlights.  Your kit works and I am very happy I found your website! Again I would strongly recommend FixMyHedlights system to anyone. Try it and you will not be disappointed. For a $25 investment increases the value of your car by hundreds of dollars.

    Hi Abraham,
    I ordered a kit back in June for my Mercedes CLK and was really impressed with the results.
    Unfortunately, I lost the before and after images, but a friend was so
    impressed he wanted a kit as well - it is a great product.

    In my order, I accidently put in the state of Alabama as my address,
    but I am in the UK - apologies for any confusion.

    Many thanks.

    I'll try and get before and after pictures of my friend's Lexus.

    Kind regards,

  23. Clean Your Hazy Headlights Before Going Back To School 

    Before sending your kids out to school clean and restore their hazy headlights. You will sleep a little better at night knowing they will be a little bit safer especially while they are driving at night. According to DMV hazy headlight dramatically reduces the headlight lens light projection which increases your risk of getting in an accident.You can either do it yourself with our ez2 use headlight restoration kit or you can use our headlight restoration service available in south Florida. Here are some of the cities we offer the service Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Weston, Cooper City, Miami Gardens, Miami Springs, Miami, Southwest Ranches, Tamarac, Lauderhill,  Ft. Lauderdale, Cooper City, Margate, Coral Springs, Dania Beach, Lighthouse point, Hollywood, Hialeah, Doral, Sunrise, Plantation, Aventura, Pine Crest, Bayside, Coconut Creek, Coral Gables, Hallendale, Davie, Sawgrass and more.......

    The Cost Of Restoring Your Hazy Headlights

    To restore your hazy headlights is very much inexpensive if you do it yourself. Currently our headlight restoration kit is only $19.95 each. This kit has enough product to do 2 cars . A total of 4 headlights. It is a simple 4 step system ( wet sand, polish, clean and finally seal ) Simply follow the directions on our headlight restoration instructional video and watch your headlights go from hazy to like new. Restoring your life after an accident because of hazy headlights EXPENSIVE. Restoring your hazy headlights preventing a major accident PRICELESS!!

    Order Your Headlight Restoration Kit

    Avoid the unforseen click on the order button and order your DIY headlight restoration kit today. I promise you will be happy that you did. I guarantee it. Our kids are the most precious posession in our lives, restoring their hazy headlights will help keep them a little safer and you will be able to sleep a little better at night. So click on the order button now and order your kit today.
  24. Your Headlight Restoration Kit Works Great

    I just received an email from one of our customers who was very pleased with our headlight restoration kit and I wanted to share it with you. He had tried several other kits but none of them did not live up to his expectation. Anyhow read it for yourself.

    Message re: Headlight Restoration Kit

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the results of your headlight restoration kit. I have a 2002 BMW 530i that features the HID headlights. I have used three or four different kits trying to clean these foggy lens since I bought this vehicle. After seeing your YouTube video I decided to give your product a shot. The other kits had cleaned some of the oxidation scratches out but none of them were anywhere close to my standard. Your kit made my headlights look brand new. Now this is the type of results I was looking for. The instructions were easy to follow and again the results were absoutely amazing. I would send you a before and after but the differences were not as noticeable considering I have been trying other products and they had take some of the major discoloration away. I am beyond pleased.
    Thank you again.

    Matthew Kuykendall

    South Carolina
    Want to have your headlights looking like new again click on the Order Now Button to order your headlight restoration kit today
  25. Why Wet Sand Your Foggy Headlights To Restore Them?

    Wet sanding your foggy headlights to restore them is the best way to do headlight restoration, if you want them to look like new. Off course you have to seal them with a good quality sealer to make your restoration last. Who am I that you should take my advice?  I am Abraham Baksh founder of fixmyheadlights.com to start we have been successfully cleaning and restoring foggy headlights for over 5 years. Personally I have restored a wide varioty over 1000 headlights. From Porsches BMW Mercedes Cadilac Honda Hyundia Kia Toyota Nissan Ford Audi Lexus Infiniti and the list goes on. I figure about 99% percent of foggy headlights as well as oxidized headlights or cloudy headlights can be restored to look like new using our simple 4 step ez2 use headlight restoration kit which is a wet-sanding system.

    Beware Of Wipe On Wipe Off Headlight Restoration Kits

    Wipe on wipe off headlight restoration kits are in my opinion are a quick fix for a short period of time. With a wipe on wipe off headlight restoration you have a 50 / 50 chance that your foggy headlights will come out looking OK not like new. Your headlights may look a little better than they were before but in most cases it is short lived.

    The Importanance Of Wet Sanding Your Hazy Headlights

    When you wet sand your hazy headlights you are able to remove all the oxidization as well as the remaining manufacturer sealer that's on the headlight lens. It is important to get down to the pure polycarbonate plastic. Once you get to the pure plastic you can start reversing the process using finer grit sand paper then pollish and seal. When you follow this simple effective system your will restore your hazy headlights the professional way. 

    EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit

    Our EZ2 use headlight restoration kit has everything you will need to restore your foggy headlights to look like new guaranteed. 
    The kit come with
    1. instructions
    2. 3 different grits of sand paper 400 / 1000 / 2000
    3. lens polish and applicator
    4. cleaner activator and applicator
    5. sealer and applicator
    6. disposable glove
    Everything in the kit was designed for polycarbon headlight lens. If you looking to restore your hazy headlights like a professional then use the headlight restoration kit that the pros use the EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit. Click on the order button to order your kit today so you can drive safer tomorrow.
  26. Happy 4th Of July 

    We wish you a Happy Independence Day from all of us at FixMyHeadlights.com headlight restoration service. Enjoy responsibly and stay safe. Don't forget to check to see if you got foggy headlights. If you do, then get them restored. Fix them for yourself with a headlight restoration kit or have them restored professionally.
  27. Summer Road Trip With Foggy Headlights

    Include in your planning for a road trip for this summer restoring your foggy headlights. This is so easily overlooked. But restoring your foggy headlights is one of the most important thing you can do in planning a road trip. Weather you choose to do it yourself with a headlight restoration kit or have it done professionally by a headlight restoration service. Foggy headlights impairs your headlight light projection and this is a major safety issue. According DMV foggy or hazy headlights are a major cause of accidents in night time driving and the last thing you want to have happen in having a fun time with your family is an accident.

    The Effect Of Foggy Or Hazy Headlights

    Foggy headlights can have a fatal effect. Yes it can! First thing is when your headlights are foggy your light projection is greatly reduced. According to DMV you loose as much as 70%of your light projection. On low beam you should have a light projection of about 150ft. 70 % of 150 equates to a LOSS of 105ft of your light projection. So your light projection is now only 45ft.
    Here are a few effects that results when you are driving a vehicle with a light projection of only 45ft.
    1. You often wonder if you turned on your headlights.
    2. You find yourself driving with your high beams most of the time
    3. You find yourself squinting your eyes to focus to see the road.
      (this can also mean you need to have your eyes checked for glasses.. ha ha !)
    Also with only 45ft. of light projection you have a way shorter response time and as we get older our reflex action is much slower. Another thing to consider on a road trip are the roads are unfamiliar. You don't know the turns and curves which in itself makes it a little more challenging. So putting all these factors together you can see how driving with foggy headlights increases your chances of getting in an accident and the fact is some of these accidents can result in fatality. 

    Increase Your Family Safety With Crystal Clear Headlights

    Restoring your foggy headlights can greatly increase your safety on this summer road trip. Wheather you choose to use our headlight restoration service or headlight restoration kit either way your headlights are going to look like new guaranteed. If you are in South Florida Broward County or Miami Dade give us a call 954-272-8560 we will come to you and restore your foggy headlights to look like new. We promise you will be happy with our work and service. We have been satifying our customers for the past 5 years. If you are a do it yourself kind of person simply order our headlight restoration kit and do it yourself. The results are the same because it is the same headlight restoration system we put in our kits. On getting the kit look at our instructional video showing you step by step what you need to do. Plus we give you insider tips on how to get the professional finish.
    We promise you will be happy with the results so Click on the ORDER BUTTON to order.

  28. Great Gift For Fathers Day

    Headlight Restoration Service or A Headlight Restoration Kit

    Restore Your Dads Foggy Headlights For This Fathers Day

    If your dads car has foggy headlight, be different, be unique for this fathers day and restore those foggy headlights to look like new for him. As a father myself whenever my kids do something that makes life brighter for me, it is greatly appreciated. When you restore the foggy headlights on his car you not only make his vehicle look better but you make it much safer because it increases the light output and projection. So in escense you are adding quality to his life.
    Here are three ways of how you can restore them.
    1. If you live in South Florida in Broward County Miami or Dade you can use our headlight restoration service
    2. Do It Youself (DIY) with our headlight restoration kit fo him.
    3. Get your dad a headlight restoration kit as a gift so he can restore his foggy headlights himself.
    Anyway you choose to get them fixed you will feel like a winner because you are thinking outside the box.

    1st Choice Using Our Headlight Restoration Service

    If your are in South Florida and you got our professional headlight restoration service you can choose either our original process which we give a 1 year warranty. Or our special UV activated service with which you'll get a 3 year Warranty. Either way your ugly looking headlights will look like new again. We guarantee it or it's free.

    2nd Choice You Restore Dads Hazy Headlights For Him

    If you choose to do it yourself for him with our ez2 use headlight restoration kit I think you'll be a winner because you will have just made your fathers day gift very personal. Seeing our headlight restoration kit does not need any power tools you will be restoring the headlights by hand which says something by itself. The time and care you take in making it safer for your dad it is going to be all worth it. Also his car will look a whole lot better with headlights looking like new. Click on the link to the headlight restoration kit instructural video and see how easy it is to do.

    3rd Choice Giving Him The Headlight Restoration Kit As A Gift

    If your father is a do it yourself type of guy then giving him the headlight restoration kit will be a perfect gift. May be restoring his hazy headlights can be a project that both of you can work on together. Sharing precious moments together doing something that he enjoys. The pride and satisfaction you will feel when it's completed together will surely feel good. As I said before restoring his foggy headlights will improve the appearance and increase the safety of his vehicle. That feeling of makeing it safer for our parents is priceless. Just for your information the system we have in our kit is the same exact system we use in the field for the past 5 years. We just don't clean hazy headlights we make them look like new. Click on the order button below and get the best headlight restoration kit which is a great gift for your dad for this Fathers Day.
    If you would like to use our headlight restoration service here are some of the cities that we cover
    Our Headlight Restoration Service Extends To Miami Dade & Broward County South Florida.
    Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Weston, Cooper City, Miami Gardens, Miami Springs, Miami, Southwest Ranches, Tamarac, Lauderhill,  Ft. Lauderdale, Cooper City, Margate, Coral Springs, Dania Beach, Lighthouse point, Hollywood, Hialeah, Doral, Sunrise, Plantation, Aventura, Pine Crest, Bayside, Coconut Creek, Coral Gables, Hallendale, Davie, Sawgrass, Parkland, Pampano and more....
  29. Go Green With Headlight Restoration 

    YES! Restoring your foggy headlights is a GREEN service. The headlights on cars are now plastic. When you replace your hazy headlights with new headlights what do most people do with the old ones? They chuck them in the garbage. These plastic headlights ends up in our landfills. Of course you are well aware that this plastic is not biodegradable and will stay there for god knows how long. I know definitely beyond mine and your life-span put together. Now when you restore hazy headlights you save our good old earth stay green and that hazy headlight get a renewed life. So when you restore your hazy headlights which is now so easy to do with our headlight restoration kit, you can good feeling that you have done something to contribute to GOING GREEN!

    Don't Waste Money Buying New Headlights

    First to begin, it's my opinion, that buying new headlights because they are hazy or cloudy basically oxidized is a waste of good money. The reason I say this is simple, hazy headlights can be restored to look like new, with our easy to use headlight restoration kit or our headlight restoration service. And I did say Like New not just clean! You can see for yourself look at any one of our headlight restoration videos. You can even listen to our customers testimonials. It just doesn't make much sense to buy new headlights because that haze or cloudiness is only on the service of the lens. That can be cleaned up and recoated with a  lens sealer which will bring back the clarity and light projection to your headlights. Some other reasons for you to restore foggy headlights instead of replacing them are mechanically they work good and electrically they are in perfect working condition. So why buy new headlights? As I said before it just a waste of good money when you can simply restore foggy headlights for yourself with our headlight restoration kit or our headlight restoration service, Your choice!
    Click here to order the EZ4U headlight restoration kit
  30. Is Cleaning Foggy Headlights, Headlight Restoration?

    Most people think that cleaning their foggy headlights is the same as headlight restoration. Well, they are definately not the same. Cleaning your hazy or cloudy headlights is just part of the headlight restoration process. Most of the headlight restoration kits in the market are really headlight cleaning kits. The reason I say this is because when you completed the so called headlight restoration process the headlights only look clean. But, when you use a headlight restoration kit let me emphasise a TRUE headlight restoration kit your headlights will look like NEW not just clean. Also it stays crystal clear longer depending on the sealer used.

    The Difference Between Headlight Cleaning Kits And Headlight Restoration Kits

    Most headlight restoration kits and headlight cleaning kit have almost the same contents. Like something to remove the oxidation from the hazy headlights either sandpaper or a chemical compound. Also they may or may not have a polish which will give the headlights a sheen and some temporary protection. Now having a lens sealer to protect the lens is what seperates a true headlight restoration kit from a headlight cleaning kit.

    Get The Best Headlight Restoration Kit In The Market

    The EZ to use headlight restoration kit is the best headlight restoration kit in the market.
    1. It's reasonably priced $19.95
    2. easy to use, no tools required,
    3. gives you professional results,
    4. durable 
    5. makes your headlights look like new not just clean
    6. Step by step instructional video online 24/7
    7. made in America. 
    When you use our headlight restoration kit on your hazy headlights you will be amazed with the results. I guarantee it.
    Here is how to order. Simply click on the button below and get it today. YOU'LL BE HAPPY YOU DID!! I guarantee it!
  31. My Volvo XC90 Foggy Headlights Looks Amazing NOW!

    That was the comment by Mr. Russ one of our customers who bought our headlight restoration kit. He mentioned in his email, after watching our headlight restoration instructional video he went ahead and purchased the kit to restore his daughters Volvo XC90. He says the headlights were really in a bad condition. But after following the directions on the video, they came out like new. Now he is happy and so is his daughter.

    You Don't Have To Put Up With Foggy Headlights

    Just like Mr. Russ you don't have to drive around with foggy headlights. Our headlight restoration kit is the solution to foggy, hazy oxidized headlights problem a simple no frills easy to do 4 step process. 
    First you Wet Sand your foggy headlights    
    Second Polish them    
    Clean them    
     Forth and 
    Final step Seal them
    That's it. It's that simple! Nothing complicated.

    Our EZ to use headlight restoration kit has everything you need to restore your hazy headlights

    1. 3 pieces wet /dry sandpaper
    2. Plastic Lens Polish and towel
    3. Lens Cleaner and towel
    4. Lens Sealer and towel
    5. disposable gloves
    6. Instruction guide
    Plus you have our instruction video on  how to use our headlight restoration kit to restore your hazy headlights.
    As a matter of fact you can use this instruction video of restoring headlights to restore just about any oxidized headlights.

    Forget About Those Wipe On Wipe Off Headlight Restoration Kits

    Those wipe on wipe off headlight restoration kits are just a waste of time and money. It's just a rip off! Don't get taken. They may look ok for a very short time. May be one day, a week or possibly a month and that's pushing it. I know this because I have tried some of them over the years only to be disappointed plus some our customers have also related some of their disappointments using those so call quick fix kits. If you really want to restore your foggy headlights the right way, you have to sand them and seal them. That's the best way and I have been doing it that way since 2007. Literally, I have personally restored over a thousand oxidized headlights so you can trust what I'm saying. 

    Our Headlight Restoration Kit Will Make You Happy.

    I promise you our headlight restoration kit will make YOU HAPPY !! 
    I say this because it hasn't failed me since I started my headlight restoration business in February 2007. The system I use in the field is the same headlight restoration system we put in our kit. You will be amazed with the results because you headlights will not just look clean they will look like NEW.
    I guarantee you'll be like 'WOOW!!' with a big smile on your face when you see them looking like new and knowing you did them yourself.

    Get The Kit Today
    Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

    Don't hesitate and compromise your safety get the kit now. As I said before "You will be Happy" Your new looking headlights will make you feel proud
    Stop driving around in a fog with those hazy headlights and see the light. Save some money by doing it yourself with the best headlight restoration kit used by professionals Click here to order
  32. Happy Customer Comments On His BMW 745 LI
    Headlights Restoration Service

    Hey I just want to thank Abraham for working a miracle on my 05 745Li BMW. My headlights were really foggy and hazy and he restored them back brand new. I am extremely pleased and happy with the headlight restortion service provided. This guy is the real deal so don't get fooled by others. I sat and watched the whole process and its just incredible to see how my lights came back to new. If you want your headlights looking brand new like mine then Abraham is the guy at Fixmyheadlights.com.
    Thanks again abraham, your a life saver.

  33. YouTube

    Happy customer has made a comment on BMW X5 Headlight Restoration Kit DIY or Headlight Restoration Service or Headlight Replacement:

    I live in South Florida and Abe from fixmyheadlights,com just came to my house to restore the headlights on my Honda Civic. He did a great job and my foggy headlights now look as good as new. He used the exact same sandpaper and custom sealant that he sells in the Headlight Restoration Kit. Note: I wanted it done professionally because I had previously used a different product myself and I made matters worse.
    Thanks, Abe!

  34. Happy Customer After Using Our Headlight Restoration Kit

    Hi Abraham
    I just restored my headlights last night using the headlight restoration kit I bought online from you guys and WOW is all I can say. It's the best. My headlights look like brand new and I didn't think that would be possible for the condition they were in before. This kit was easy to use, it took me about 2 hours from start to finish. I know that's longer than you guys say it should take but I just wanted to make sure I sanded those lights good. I will be using the rest of what I have left on my dads car as well and will be spreading the word around Texas about y'alls at  fixmyheadlights.com Great product that works.

    Cell phone pictures attached. 

    Thank You
    Austin, Texas

  35. Headlight Restoration Is More Than Cleaning Your Headlights

    A big part of headlight restoration involves cleaning your headlights. But as I said it is just the first step in restoring them. After cleaning you may need to polish them and the finally sealing them with the laminating coating to protect them from the UV rays and other elements in the atmosphere and environment.

    How to Choose A Headlight Restoration Kit 
    In a good headlight restoration kit what you will want to look for a couple of things
    • some sort of cleaning product in most cases sand paper
    • a polish to remove the small scratches and to bring the headlight lens in a clear state
    • Most important a laminating coating. A sealer ! to protect the lens from damage in the near future.

    Our easy to use headlight restoration kit has all the products you need to restore your foggy headlights to a like new condition.
    The kit includes:
    3 Grits of sand paper #400 #1000 & #2000
    Polish made especially for plastic plus polishing towel 
    Pre-treater solution plus towel
    Sealer designed for plastic lenses plus towel
    Disposable gloves

    Don't Compromise Your Safety

    Driving around with foggy headlight you are really compromising your safety. Foggy or hazy headlights dramatically reduces your light projection that's according to DMV. Reduced light projection reduces the distance you should be seeing in front of you when driving at night. As a result increases your risk of being involved in an accident.

    The question is "How Well Are You Seeing Driving At Night?"

    If while you are driving at night and you are often trying to figure out weather or not you've turn ON your headlights. Chances are if it's not a broken bulb then you may have foggy headlights. If your headlights are foggy then don't get crazy and run out to buy new ones. You don't need to do that. The less expensive way to go is either call in a headlight restoration service like us at FixMyHeadlights.com or do it yourself with a headlight restoration kit. I would suggest using our EZ2 use headlight restoration kit because this is the same exact product and system we use in the field. You will be amazed how your foggy headlights would look like new. We guarantee it!!
    Don't compromise your safety and the safety of others anymore simply fix this problem in a jiffy by clicking on the order button below to order the headlight restoration kit that makes thousands of people happy. Click here to order
  36. Happy New Years 
    To one and all we wish you the best in this coming new year 2012.
    It was our pleasure serving you in this past year.

    New Years Resolution
    Among the things you would like to accomplish in this coming year, here is a suggestion as an add on. Restore your foggy headlights on your vehicle. The reason for a headlight restoration is simple, YOUR SAFETY. Foggy headlights reduces your light projection which increases your chance of getting in an accident. So by restoring them you will increase your safety especially while driving at night time. Plus you will improve the overall appearance of your vehicle, in return you will feel so much better when coming to your vehicle. It brings back that proud feelings.

    Be Proactive
    Stop procrastinating and be proactive. You know driving around with foggy headlights increases your risk of being in an accident. Right? The reason is foggy headlights decreases your light projection so you are not able to see clearly as far as you should when driving at night time. The question is are you going to wait until something tragic happens or are you going to be proactive and do something about it not later but today? There are basically two ways you can restore your foggy headlights:
    1. Have them done professionally by a headlight restoration service
    2. Do it yourself with a DIY headlight restoration kit
    Which ever way you decide to fix them will be a step in the right direction. If you are in South Florida Miami Dade or Broward County then you are in luck because you can use our service. You can call us 954-272-8560 to set up an appointment 'We Will Come To You' at your home or work where ever it's convenient.

    Now if you are not in our area or your a do it yourself kind of person simply order our headlight restoration kit. FYI our kit has everything that you will need to restore your headlights like new. Not just clean but like new! Yes you read it right, I said LIKE NEW! and that's Guaranteed!! The reason that I can emphasize that is because this stuff in the kit is the same stuff we use in the field restoring foggy headlights and we have been doing it since FEB 2007 without fail. Look at the Instructional Video
    Here is how to order your Headlight Restoration Kit. You can CLICK HERE or click on the Order Button Below

  37. Headlight Restoration On A Dodge Viper 05

    Yesterday Sat 10th Dec was the first time I restored the headlights on a Dodge Viper. Before I go into the details about the headlight restoration service done I have to mention how awesome that car is, Under the hood is a V-10, I was excited just to be able to sit in the driver seat and move it across the street to work on it. The owner Frazier is a real cool dude. Thank you for the business.

    First We Restored The Audi TT Foggy  Headlights

    I got called in to restore the foggy headlight on an Audi TT. Frazier tried to have them restored at his mechanics but unfortunately they ended up worst than they were before. Being disappointed by their work he did a little research on the internet and found us FixMYHead.com, He explained that the foggy headlights made his car look old. Anyhow we restored his Audi TT foggy headlights and made them look like new again. When he came outside and saw them he was very surprised with the results. Then he showed me the headlights on his Dodge Viper. 

    Second We Restored The Dodge Viper Foggy Headlights 

    Haven't done a Viper before, I wasn't sure about the texture of the lenses. With a small test I figure out what was the best approach suitable to restore them.  I went through our basic wet sanding process, cleaned them and sealed them with our UV activated process. They came out spectacular. Unfortunately I did not have my video camera with me but I was able to take a couple of shots with my I-phone. 

    Unique Gift Idea For Holidays 

    For the holidays or for any occasion I strongly suggest you consider a unique gift idea of restoring the foggy or hazy headlights for that special someone. You can do it yourself for them with our EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit or if the recipient is a DIY type of person simply give them the kit as a gift. If you are down here in South Florida call us and set up an appointment to have us restore them for you. You will save that special person a ton load of money plus increase their safety especially while driving at night time. Also you will definitely improve the looks of their vehicle. 
  38. A Unique Gift For This Holiday Season Or Any Occasion

    A Headlight Restoration Kit For Headlight Restoration Service

    Whether it's a headlight restoration kit or headlight restoration service it is a great gift because it shows that you care.  You can make it more personal by buying a kit and restore the foggy headlights for yourself for that special someone. Why bother to give someone a gift that they won't use or wear. When you restore a pair of headlights for a love one you are increasing their safety. That's priceless!  
    Be different, think outside the box get a headlight restoration kit show them you care.

    The Obvious Before You Purchase A Headlight Restoration Kit

    I am going to mention the obvious here, please look at the recipients vehicle headlights to see if they need the service or kit. Look and see if they are foggy, hazy looking or cloudy. If this is the situation then this individual is a perfect candidate for a headlight restoration kit or service. Please note if the headlight has moisture inside and foggy outside the gift of the kit or service will restore the outside but will not fix the problem with the moisture on the inside. 

    Why Is A Headlight Restoration Kit Or Service A Great Gift

    1. Safety: foggy headlights reduces your headlight light projection. As a result your chances of getting in an accident is increased while driving at night. 
    2. Save Money: Most people have no idea how to fix the problem of foggy headlights so they end up buying new ones. This is very costly varying from a couple hundred of dollars to as much as a couple thousands depending on the vehicle.
    3. A Sense Of Pride: foggy headlights make your vehicle look a lot older than it really is. By restoring them not only improves the headlight looks but it improves the total appearance of you vehicle. After restoring headlights I often hear my customers saying 'WOW! my car looks like new again.'

    A Headlight Restoration Kit Or Service Is A Gift That Will Make You Look Like A Hero!

  39. I Am Happy With The EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit

    Email Address
    I just used your EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit and I have some before & after pics i'd like to send you. They came out awesome. The kit superseded my expectations.. You are right they don't just look clean, they look like new. 



    From: Abraham Baksh
    To: cldude
    Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2011 9:13 PM
    Subject: RE: Headlight Restoration Pictures

    hi Josh
    Please send the headlight pics to this email address


    Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 21:35:48 -0800
    From: cldude
    Subject: Re: Headlight Restoration Pictures
    To: Abraham

    Hi Abraham,

    I just wanted to send you my before & after headlight restoration pics of my '05 Acura TSX. My car has over 300,000 miles on it. The headlights had massively heavy pitting from rocks & sand & some oxydizing as you can see. It took about an hour of sanding with the 400 grit before getting a uniform finish on the lens. After that it went pretty fast. I did cheat & use a small buffing wheel for the polish step. But as you can see from the after pics, I got about 95% (all but the deepest pits) of the damage off the lens! I'm very happy with the results & saved about $800 from having to replace the lamps.
    I just wanted to say thanks. I've already started telling people about your kit.

    BEFORE                                     AFTER

    From: Abraham 
    To: HL Josh
    Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 6:33 PM
    Subject: RE: Headlight Restoration Pictures

    Hi Josh

    You did a fantastic job on your headlights
    It gives me a deep down feeling of satisfaction when my customers get the results
    that they are expecting. I appreciate your comments and pictures. With your permission
    I am going to post it on my blog so others can see the professional quality results
    that can be achieved with our headlight restoration kit.

    Josh if you will can you comment on how easy it was to use the kit and was the video and instructions
    easy to follow

    Again, Thanks
    Abraham Baksh

    From: cldude
    Subject: Re: Headlight Restoration Pictures
    To: Abraham


    You absolutely have permission to use this email & headlight restoration pics on your blog. I also posted these pics to facebook & have been sending my friends links to your website. The directions that come with the kit are very easy to follow, & I highly recommend watching the video on your website as reading directions are one thing, but actually seeing how easy this is to do in your instructional video gave me even more confidence that this was a job I could handle. Everything I needed came with the kit, the rest was easy. I actually did one headlight at first and left the other alone for a few days so I could drive around & show my family & friends the HUGE difference between the before & after! and now that they're both done, I can totally see the difference in brightness especially while driving at night. My headlights are definitely brighter.

    thanks again.
  40. Does Headlight Restoration Kits and Service Works?

    That is a big question on a lot of peoples mind today!
    So you got foggy headlights and you are trying to figure out what to do. 
    Let's look at some of your options.

    Option 1: Headlights Replacement (Very Expensive)

    I) Buy New Headlights
    Now to buy new headlights can run you into a chunk of change especially if you have a high end car. Even if you buy aftermarket headlights you are still going to spend a couple hundred dollars each. 

    II) Pick up a pair of headlights from the junk yard.
    You could be lucky and get a new looking pair but from my experience most of the headlights in the junk yard usually have signs of oxidation. Another thing is if the headlights are looking new the price goes up because these guys are fully aware of the price of new ones.

    Option 2: Restoring Your Headlights (More Economical)


    I) Using a headlight restoration service.

    There are many good headlight restoration services out there but there are a lot of guys who gives you a quick fix. They buff your foggy headlights and clean them. That is not headlight restoration. So don't make that mistake. A good headlight restoration service will involve 2 very important steps.
    1- sanding 
    2- sealing 
    If they don't have these in there headlight restoration system then keep move on to the next one. You have to do a little research. Now if you are down here in South Florida Miami or Broward County then you are in luck because you can call us FixMyHeadlights.com Headlight Restoration Service at 954-272-8560. We will come to you and restore your foggy headlights to look like new GUARANTEED!

    ii) D.I.Y. Do It Yourself with a Headlight Restoration Kit

    Do they work? The answer is definitely YES!! 
    Having said so, you should know that not all headlight restoration kits are created equal. There are so many of them out there promising to do the job but how do you choose one. I will tell you right now stay away from the wipe on wipe off crap. I have herd to many complains about it. Like the headlight restoration service 2 main steps to look for in a headlight restoration kit is a sanding process a sealing process. Another thing to consider is your skill level because some kits involve the use of power tools and others don't. The bottom line is some headlight restoration kits work way better than others.
    Why Should You Choose The EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit?
    1. It is easy to use 
    2. It has everything you will need to restore your foggy headlights
    3. Our kit has both a sanding and a sealing process plus a polishing step
    4. No power tools are required
    5. It is the same process that we use on our headlight restoration service
    6. Our sealer has a self-leveling and clarifying compound also UV filters in it
    7. We guarantee it will make your headlights look like new.
    8. Online instructions video is available to you 24/7
    9. You have our expertise help, just a phone call away 954-272-8560
    10.  We promise, "You will be happy with your results"
    So order your headlight restoration kit today and restore your foggy headlights to look like NEW!
    Click the ORDER BUTTON NOW


    Headlight Restoration On A Porsche Cayenne

    Today we did a headlight restoration service call on a 04 Porsche Cayenne. The owner, Bill was very unhappy with the way the foggy headlights made his beautiful car look. He mentioned to me his car was like a piece of diamond jewelry and the headlights were the diamonds. If the diamonds are cloudy the jewelry loses its appeal

    While driving on the expressway to the job site I saw a couple Cayenne’s that also had fogy headlights. After we restored Bills car he was amazed with the results. Now his Porsche looks like new again and he is HAPPY!! Apparently the Porsche Cayenne’s headlights are starting to become cloudy. Now what Bill realize is replacing these headlights are very expensive as you can imagine but restoring them was a whole lot less. He told me he saved approximately $1900. on both headlights. 

    In our conversation he mentioned he did his research before calling us to clean and restore his foggy headlights. Apart from looking at a few of our headlight restoration videos on YouTube, he checked us out to make sure we were not a fly by night company. He looked at our website fixMyHeadlights.com , He also checked out the competition as well to see what they had to offer. According to him he found what we saying about foggy headlights and how to restore them made a lot of sense. 

    1) Wet sanding the lens to get rid of the oxidation and scratches
    2) Sealing the lens to protect them from getting oxidized in a short period of time.

    Now Bill is a happy customer and his car looks great again.
  42. We Ship Our Headlight Restoration Kits To Military APO Boxes


    Recently we have been receiving a lot of request to ship our headlight restoration kits to our military personel living abroad. YES we do ship to your APO Box and the cost is the same domestic shipping rate. All we do at our end is submit the appropreate form needed in order to get the kit to you. 

    So if you are in the US Military and living overseas with an APO Box and you have foggy headlights that you are looking to clean up and restore to look like new. Feel free to order our easy to use headlight restoration kit and we will get it out to you. 

    You have foggy or cloudy headlights we got the solution. Our EZ4U2 use headlight restoration kit or headlight restoraton service.

  43. Headlight Restoration On A Range Rover

    Using Our Easy To Use Headlight Restoration Kit

    First time restoring the headlights on a Ranger Rover

    Over 5 years restoring headlights this is the very first time I was called in to restore the headlights on a Range Rover. When I got the call I was a little surprised because when you look around you don't see Range Rovers with foggy headlights. At least I haven't seen any. Mentally I was thinking that Land Rover got it rights when it came to producing their headlights. So when I got that the I was very curious to see these foggy headlights.

    The customer Micha wanted to get our 3 year warranty system but because of the heavy cloud cover I had to resort to our headlight restoration kit which is our 1year warranty service. The reason for using the headlight restoration kit is because the kit sealer is air dried as against the 3 year warranty process is UV activated.

    The headlights came out looking like new which made Micha very happy. For us another satisfied customer that refers his friends and family. You've foggy headlight problems we have the solution. Either our headlight restoration service of our easy to use headlight restoration kit will have your headlights looking like new again.


    Headlight Restoration Success For The Average Person

    I want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers who have bought the EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kits and took the time out to let us know how satisfied they were with it. I would like to share what Joe from California said,

    "I was a bit skeptical because I tried another headlight restoration kit before that did not live up to its claim on the foggy headlights on my 325 I BMW. I mean they came out ok but not like new as they promised. But I was willing to give your kit a try after looking at your video on how to use it also buying new headlights was out of the question to expensive! By the way your instructional video is very realistic plus the tip you give is awesome.  I read the instructions as well as looked at the instructional video on my I-Phone while restoring my headlights so I was able to like have you next to me showing me what to do. I have to tell you even while doing it I was still thinking 'is this stuff going to work.' But I kept in my mind this guy does headlight restoration for a living so it has to work. Abraham that feeling went away as soon as I put on the sealer. I was like WOW! I was smiling from ear to ear. I was like man this shit is awwwe-some!! YEH BABY THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. At that moment Mr Abraham I felt like a hero. I did it. Now my Bimmer looks great again plus I saved alot on buying new headlights.”
    I highly recommend your headlight restoration kit. It does what you say it does.


    This is a typical comment from our customers. There are so many headlight restoration kits out there that it is trial and error. Like Joe if you tried another kit that did not work for you, try ours  because there is no trial and error simply because this is one of the system we use in our daily headlight restoration service since 2007.

    Here is how to order. Click on the order now button below.

    Click Here To Order EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit

  45. Our Headlight Restoration Service Makes People Happy


    Over the years in the headlight restoration service business we have pleased thousands of people but today I really understood the impact my service has on our customers. Today I got a call from Leslie. She found me on a Google search and looked at one of my headlights restoration videos on YouTube. She was impressed what she saw on the videos but she was still skeptical about whether or not it was going to work. Nevertheless she called us to restore the foggy headlights on her daughters 05 VW Jetta. Her daughter was complaining that she wasn't seeing well while driving at night plus the foggy headlight made her car look older.

    Being Thoughtful
    Leslie, the lovely person she is, simply wanted to do something nice for her daughter. You see, her daughter just graduated from college and was flying in tonight. So restoring her foggy headlights was a good idea because it was undesirable for everyone concern. Anyhow she decided to get our 3 year warranty service. We did the job while Leslie went back to work making it very convenient for her. About an hour later I called her down to see her car. To my surprise on seeing her headlight she ask to give me a hug because
     she was so amazed at how they looked. She thought that they would look clean but not like new.

    I felt good inside seeing the expression on Leslies face. Apart from restoring her headlights like new, I made another happy customer  who gave me a hug.
    Thank you Leslie for making my day and letting me know how valuable my headlight restoration service is to the people who are affected with foggy or cloudy headlights.

    Headlight Restoration Works

    You don't have to drive around with foggy headlights. It's easy, simply get our headlight restoration kits or if you are in Miami or Broward county Florida just give us a call at 954-272-8560 and we will come to you and restore your foggy headlights  
  46. EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit 4 Simple Steps To Restore Your Foggy Headlights 


    Wet-Sanding The Foggy Headlight Lenses

    • Start wet-sanding with the #400 grit sand paper until the headlight lenses looks clean without any blotches or manufacturer sealant left on the lenses.
    • Then proceed to #1000 grit sand paper. Keep misting the lenses while sanding. The lenses will start looking cleaner and smother.
    • Now use the #2000 grit sand paper. Remember to keep misting the headlight with water while sanding. The headlight will start feeling smother and looking cleaner. You will start seeing the bulbs on the inside of the headlights.

                   #400 / #1000 / #2000 wet sand paper enclosed in our headlight restoration kit.


    Polishing The Now Clean Headlights

    Use the headlight polish #2 and a white towel in our headlight restoration kit.
    Squeeze a dime size amount of polish onto the white towel
    Rub vigorously until the lens shines. Continue until all of the lenses become clear. Absolute clarity is not needed.
    Wipe off excess polish.
    Examine the lens for any area that is not clear. These areas will need a little more sanding followed by further polishing.


    Pre Treat The Headlight Lenses

    • Spray the headlight lenses with the pre-treat spray #3 in the kit making sure it covers the entire lenses including the edges. Wait for about 10 to 15 seconds and wipe completely dry with the other white towel.

    This step removes any residual polish or grease that is on the headlight lenses. Also it prepares the lens to receive the sealant to form a strong bond.




    Sealing Your Clean Headlights

    Now that your headlights are clean we can proceed to sealing them so they last a long time.

    • Before sealing make sure the headlights and the surrounding areas are completely dry.
    • Open the bottle of lenses sealer #4 and saturate the folded edge of the blue towel in your headlight restoration kit.
    • Now starting from the right or left top corner wipe across the headlight lenses. Continue wiping across the entire lenses until the lenses is completely sealed.

    Note: Overlap passes by 50% this will allow you to maximize your sealant coverage.

  47. Our New Headlight Restoration Process Is Kicking Bot

    This new process is really spectacular and our customers are enjoying it. Because they are saving money and their once foggy headlights are looking like new.Over the years in the headlight restoration service industry we have been "wowing" our customers because we aim to please. But our longer lasting restoration process restores your foggy headlights as though they just came from the manufacturer. I will be putting up some before and after pictures, testimonials and videos on the process.

    How Does It Works?
    The technology is spectecular. Think about it the UV rays are causing your headlights to oxidize or yellow so why not use the UV rays to activate the sealer. It's genious! So when the UV rays are beating down on your headlights, it  just keeps it clear without harming it. Of course there are UV blockers and UV filters incoperated in this sealer. This technology  in the sealer is making the headlights crystal clear fo a longer period of time.

    Check out these before and after pictures:




  48. Excitement In The Headlight Restoration Industry

    Major break through in our headlight restoration service industry.
    With the new technology we are able to restore your foggy headlights in such a condition that you would think it just came from the manufacturer. Also to back it up we are able to extend a warranty that is longer than the manufacturer. We are now able to extend a 3 year warranty with our new headlight restoration process.

    What Is So Different About This Headlight Restoration Process

    The sealer is so technoligically advance it is amazing. Here is how it works. The UV rays from the sun is what causes most of the damage to your headlights making them cloudy, foggy or even yellow so what was done is to use the UV rays to find the solution. The sealer is UV activated with UV blockers and UV filters in it . So by using the UV rays we now have a more permanant solution in winning the war of ugly oxidize headlights. Plus the clearify properties in this sealer is superior to anything in the headlight restoration industry.

    This New Headlight Restoration Process Is Now Available

    As an introductory to our headlight restoration service we will be offering this 3 year Warranty service for ONLY $99.95 for a limited time. This $99.95 special is for the restoration of 2 headlights on any vehicle. It does not matter what is the make and model of the vehicle. This is being marked down from the regular price of $129.95 That's a savings of $30.00 Take advantage of this offer because it would not last.

    Set an appointment call 954-272-8560
    Miami Dade and Broward County Florida

    Look at the type of results you can have with our headlight restoration service. WATCH!!


      mercedes foggy headlight  headlight restoration at it's best



  49. The easy to use headlight restoration kit are now available

    Intro Price  -headlight restoration kit intro price 19.95

    Detail Instructional Headlight Restoration Kit Video Click Here
    It will show you how simple it is to restore your foggy headlights with the results of a professional. Your headlight will look like new. The EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit is guarantee to clear-up your cloudy headlights problem. May be you have tried another headlight restoration kit before and it did not work out as you well as you would have liked but I can promise you ours will definitely surpass your expectation.

    How can I make that claim?
    The reason I can make that claim is because I have personal used this kit on all types of cars and the results were all the same. The foggy headlights were dramatically improved. Some of them looked so good the cars owners thought we put in new headlights. But of course all we did is used the EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit. It is simple all you need to do is follow the easy to follow 4 steps instruction. You can also look at the video instructions showing you in real time how to restore your foggy oxidized headlights in about 30 minutes.

    We use this headlight restoration kit in our service.
    Another thing to consider is that headlight restoration is what we do everyday and this is one of the process we use to restore hazy foggy headlights. We just don't sell the headlight restoration kits we use them in our headlight restoration service down here in Miami Dade and Broward County Florida.

    Part Time Business Opportunity
    Some of our customers who have used this headlight restoration kit have gone on to restore there friends and family ugly foggy headlights and made some extra cash. As a result their headlights ended up costing them nothing plus put some extra cash in their pocket. This kit has enough sealer polish and pre-treater to restore 2 to 3 cars headlights. However you may need to get some extra sand paper. If you are handy this can be a little side business for you 'headlight restoration service' 

    headlight restoration kit to order click here

  50. Great News
    Our Easy To Use Headlight Restoration Kit Is In Stock

    These headlight restoration kits are going fast and the main resaon for that is that we have made it easy for the average person.
    Over the years I have been listening to what my cusomers are saying. 7o% of my customers have tried a headlight restoration kit
    but they did not have the results that was promised.

    What Is Different From Our Headlight Restoration Kits To The Others

    We have made ourheadlight restoration kit with the consumer in mind. As headlight restoration professional I am able to work with fast drying sealer because I have to get the job done as quick as possible in order to get to my next appointment. The problem with fast drying sealants is you can mess up very easily and ruin your finish and have to do over the job. Taking that in consideration we have slowed down the drying process with our headlight restoration kits. What this allows you to do is give you sufficient time to correct any defects. We have also made the sealer self leveling so your once foggy headlight will look like new.

    EZ Headlight Restoration Kit Will Make You Look Like A Pro

    When you use the EZ headlight restoration kit for your foggy headlight your friends will think you replaced your headlight or you had a professional headlight restoration service restore them for you. I have personally tested and using these easy to use headlight restoration kits and I am amased with the results that I am getting. It is dramatically reducing my work time. This morning I restored the foggy headlights on a Toyota Sequoia 06 with the headlight restoration kit. They came out spectaclar.

    Sloution to Your Foggy Cloudy Headlights

    If you have foggy or cloudy headlights and you would like to clean and restore them for yourself so you can save some money from replacing them with new ones or calling in a headlight restoration service. I suggest you use our easy to use headlight restoraton kit. It will amaze you how easy it is to use and the professional results you will get.

    Click here to order ez4u2 headlight restoration kit

  51. What's Really Great About Our Headlight Restoraton Kit

    Yesterday I restored a Porsche 911 headlights with our easy to use headlight restoration kit the result was simply amazing. Bill the owner for a high end motor shop call us in to see if we could clean up and restore the Porsche headlights because they had some chemical damage. On seeing it I decided to use our headlight restoration kit to resolve the problem. I have to let you know the sanding process took some doing because the chemical burn scared the headlights.

    When it came to sealing the headlights I decided to use the sealant from the restoration kit. Now that is where I saw how spectular is this kit. After applying the selant I was inspecting the headlights I notices there was a streak straight down the middle. Normaly at this time I would have to go back to a light sanding and re-seal, but I did not have to do that. All I did was apply some more sealer over the streak and my job was done.

    The sealer on this headlight restoration kit is self leveling and was made to dry slowly. The reason we decided to have the sealer dry slower is because this headlight restoration kit was design with the average person in mind. You see we allowed space for errors to be corrected and the self leveling feature makes it easy to use, giving your headlight a finish like new just as the pros do it.

    To say the least Bil was very happy with the results and the money that was saved from replacing them with new ones. You don't have to be a headlight restoration professional to restore your foggy headlights like new if you use our easy to use durable headlight restoration kit. Check it out for yourself.

    You can get a professional headlight restoration finish with our easy to use headlight restoration kit. Check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did! You can have clean restored headlights like these.


  52. Finally after testing and developing we have an easy to use durable headlight restoration kit for everyone. Over the past 4 years we have tested several headlight restoration kits for foggy headlights that are available in auto supply stores and on the Internet. Not many of them met our standards. Today I am happy to announce that we have the perfect headlight restoration kit to restore foggy cloudy headlights that the average person can use. Next week Monday 24th Jan 2011 we will be releasing the EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit.

    I have personally tested this kit on several vehicles and was blown away with the results. As I said before it was easy to use and I was amazed with the clarity of the lenses when finished. I guarantee you will be amazed when you use the best headlight restoration kit on the market from fixmyheadlights.com

    What Makes this headlight restoration kit the best?

    1. It is easy to use
    2. Crystal clear finish like new
    3. Durable - Long lasting sealer
    4. Cost effective - reasonable price $24.95
    5. Enough product to restore 2 cars (4 headlights)
    6. Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

    EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration kit includes:

    • Sand paper
    • Plastic Polish Compound
    • Plastic Headlight Pretreater
    • Specific Sealer design for plastic headlights
    • Applicators
    • Gloves

    Now you don't have to drive around with foggy cloudy headlights anymore. You have the choice of using the best headlight restoration service in South Florida or using the easy do it yourself (DIY) headlight restoration kit from fixmyheadlights.com. Plus you can depend on our expertise in the headlight restoration industry. But most important our headlight restoration kit will make your foggy healights look like new in 4 ez steps.

    Order Headlight restoration kit

  53. Quick update on our headlight restoration kit.
    So far all our testing have been successful. This kit as i mention is easy to use. Currently we are working on packaging and pricing. Soon we will also be releasing a how to use the headlight restoration kit video which would most likely be posted on Youtube. You can go to abes4u2 and see the type of result  that you can achieve by using our headlight restoration kit. Hopely my next post we will announce a release date for this amazing headlight restoration kit.

    Keep posted to fixyHeadlights.com headlight restoration service.
    Our goal is to make it economical and easy for you to clean and restore your foggy headlights.

  54. Headlight restoration technology is currently going through changes. To me that is very exciting. Allow me to introduce myself. Hi I am Abraham Baksh founder of EZ4U2 and www.fixmyheadlights.com headlight restoration service of South Florida. I started this headlight restoration business because of my own personal need. My BMW X5 was suffering with hazy headlights which made my car look much older and ugly. Plus I was having a problem with driving at night time.

    Off course this happened after the warranty was up. Not knowing about headlight restoration or any headlight restoration service I went in to BMW dealership to replace the headlight. Well the shock was the headlights for the X5 was $800 each because they were Xenon. Plus to replace them was a 2hr work time at $179 per hour. So roughly it was costing me about $2 grand to replace them. To me that was outrageous so I decided I would find a solution to this problem. After trying and failing with headlight restoration kits from the auto supply stores and from the internet I combined my past experience in Jewellery and building maintenance supplies to come up with a solution.

    From cleaning watch glasses I knew I had to sand the headlight lenses to get rid of the oxidization and fine scratches. The problem with only sanding the lens is that they get back oxidized in a short period of time. Polishing and waxing them did protect them a little longer but it was also short lived. Although sanding and polishing work great on watch faces, the impact that a car headlight has to endure is not comparable. I want you to think for a moment what happens to a car travelling at 6o to 80 miles per hour in traffic. The debris from the road is basically small rocks and sand mixed with dirt and oil. This road debris impact on your headlights are like having them sand blasted everyday you drive. So my conclusion was I had to get a sealer that would form a shield that is difficult to penetrate in order to solve the problem of foggy cloudy headlights.

    To make a long story short I was able to network with some chemical company that produces the sealer that works great. So for the past three going on four years we have been using this sealer in our headlight restoration service giving our customers huge saving instead of replacement by restoring their cloudy foggy headlights. Now we are experimenting with new sealers that are more durable. Our testing has been all successful and soon we will be introducing it to our customers. Our new headlight restoration sealer gives a clearer finish and last about 2 to 3 years.

    Also what I am excited about is our easy to use headlight restoraton kit will be out soon. We are looking to release it by the begining of Feb 2011. As I mentioned before my goal was to make this headlight restoration kit user friendly. I will keep you posted on further development with EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit.

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