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Headlight Restoration On A Range Rover

Using Our Easy To Use Headlight Restoration Kit

First time restoring the headlights on a Ranger Rover

Over 5 years restoring headlights this is the very first time I was called in to restore the headlights on a Range Rover. When I got the call I was a little surprised because when you look around you don't see Range Rovers with foggy headlights. At least I haven't seen any. Mentally I was thinking that Land Rover got it rights when it came to producing their headlights. So when I got that the I was very curious to see these foggy headlights.

The customer Micha wanted to get our 3 year warranty system but because of the heavy cloud cover I had to resort to our headlight restoration kit which is our 1year warranty service. The reason for using the headlight restoration kit is because the kit sealer is air dried as against the 3 year warranty process is UV activated.

The headlights came out looking like new which made Micha very happy. For us another satisfied customer that refers his friends and family. You've foggy headlight problems we have the solution. Either our headlight restoration service of our easy to use headlight restoration kit will have your headlights looking like new again.



  1. Sailor on August 27, 2011 at 6:22 AM said:
    A bit sprursied it seems to simple and yet useful.
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