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Headlight Restoration Service

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Vehicle Headlight Restoration versus New Headlight Replacement
Headlight Restoration price factor

Headlight Restoration price factor


Food for thought.
How cost effective is headlight restoration compared to buying new headlights.

The average headlight cost about $350.00 with installation EACH This equal to $700.00 per pair.
This is new headlights which will last about 2 to 3 years before they start getting cloudy hazy or dull.

Headlight restoration service cost $100.00 - $150.00 per PAIR.
Lets say for argument sake they last only 1 year. So now after 1 year your repaired or restored headlights  begin to look dull hazy or cloudy.
You would have to do headlight restoration service for 3 years to cover the cost of one (1) new headlight.
Economical? YES: you would have SAVE at least $550.00 over that time period.

Up front out of pocket with headlight restoration $150 bucks.

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Up front out of pock with new headlights $700 bucks.

In conclusion Headlights Restoration is a smart choice. You can SAVE about  an average of about $550.00 when you restore your headlights as against to buying new headlights.
That's an average vehicle. However if you have a high end vehicle like a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Land Rover or most foreign vehicle a new headlight replacement can give you a huge dent in your pocket.
Check your auto dealer you will see what I mean.

Apart from the huge money savings in headlight restoration which make cloudy.dull, hazy, ugly, yellow headlights look like new again. There is the SAFETY factor!! Yes SAFETY.  Plus by repairing your headlights using the best headlight restorationg system that out there. YOU ARE HELPING OUR PLANET STAY GREEN!! 'Less land fill.'


There is a huge difference between cleaning headlights and headlight restoration.
Headlight cleaning is the first part of the process of headlight restoration. The problem of simply cleaning you headlights is the lenght of time it will last before you have to clean it again. In general if you only clean your headlights it will last for about one to three months. The reason for that is the chemicals used for cleaning headlights are most times abrasive. What it does, is it removes whatever protective coat that's left on the headlights.

However Headlight restoration goes a couple steps further. After we clean headlights the next step is to polish those headlights removing all the scratches. Then the final step is what makes the big difference between headlight cleaning and headlight restoration is sealing the headlights. If you don't seal the headlights then the problem will return in a very short time. Also the quality of the sealer for the headlights has to be of a high quality.
The quality of the sealer that we use is nothing but the best for headlight restoration. In order to bring the best to our customers we have experimented with many of the headlight restoration kits to see how they compares. So far in our opinion our original headlight restoration system still works best.

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