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Headlight Restoration Is More Than Cleaning Your Headlights

A big part of headlight restoration involves cleaning your headlights. But as I said it is just the first step in restoring them. After cleaning you may need to polish them and the finally sealing them with the laminating coating to protect them from the UV rays and other elements in the atmosphere and environment.

How to Choose A Headlight Restoration Kit 
In a good headlight restoration kit what you will want to look for a couple of things
  • some sort of cleaning product in most cases sand paper
  • a polish to remove the small scratches and to bring the headlight lens in a clear state
  • Most important a laminating coating. A sealer ! to protect the lens from damage in the near future.

Our easy to use headlight restoration kit has all the products you need to restore your foggy headlights to a like new condition.
The kit includes:
3 Grits of sand paper #400 #1000 & #2000
Polish made especially for plastic plus polishing towel 
Pre-treater solution plus towel
Sealer designed for plastic lenses plus towel
Disposable gloves

Don't Compromise Your Safety

Driving around with foggy headlight you are really compromising your safety. Foggy or hazy headlights dramatically reduces your light projection that's according to DMV. Reduced light projection reduces the distance you should be seeing in front of you when driving at night. As a result increases your risk of being involved in an accident.

The question is "How Well Are You Seeing Driving At Night?"

If while you are driving at night and you are often trying to figure out weather or not you've turn ON your headlights. Chances are if it's not a broken bulb then you may have foggy headlights. If your headlights are foggy then don't get crazy and run out to buy new ones. You don't need to do that. The less expensive way to go is either call in a headlight restoration service like us at FixMyHeadlights.com or do it yourself with a headlight restoration kit. I would suggest using our EZ2 use headlight restoration kit because this is the same exact product and system we use in the field. You will be amazed how your foggy headlights would look like new. We guarantee it!!
Don't compromise your safety and the safety of others anymore simply fix this problem in a jiffy by clicking on the order button below to order the headlight restoration kit that makes thousands of people happy. Click here to order


  1. Lizet on February 19, 2012 at 10:10 AM said:
    I just had my headlights restored on my 2005 C230 Mercedes. I am sooo happy! I was about to have them replaced. The car is in perfect condition but the headlight made it look old, not to mention the lights were so dingy it was difficult to see. I feel like I have a new pair of glasses! Everything is clear again. I will recommend FixMyHeadlights.com to all my friends. A few have already called to make an appointment. Thanks again!
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