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Foggy Headlights Is A Huge World Wide Problem

Foggy headlights is a problem around the world because the automotive industry is producing poly carbonate plastic lens instead of glass headlights for vehicles. Don't be judgmental about manufacturers because there are pros and cons about both type of lens which I will go over on my next blog post. The bigger problem however is that most people don't know what to do about their oxidized headlights. They can't imagine there is a simple solution to their dull hazy headlights. Even in this day and age where you have easy access to an enormous amount of information on the internet. Most people just think it is a normal progression of how it is and never do anything about it. Others think that the only thing to do is replace their ugly looking foggy headlights because like any other cars part it served it's time and needs to be replaced.

The Truth About Oxidized Headlights

The simple truth is that 99% of oxidized headlights can be restored to look like new. You can do it yourself with a headlight restoration kit for under $20.00 or you can have it done professionally by a headlight restoration service like ours. Either way they are going to make your car look a lot better. To restore plastic headlights is the same basic steps you will take to restore any item weather it's wood or metal. Step 1 clean the surface. Remove the oxidation by sanding. Step 2 bring to a smooth finish. Either by sanding with extra fine grit sand paper and or polish. Step 3 seal it. If you use a polish you may need to use a cleaner and that's it. It is not complicated at all. The major difference between wood or metal and plastic is that it is much more difficult to get the right sealer to adhere to plastic and get a crystal clarity.

Headlight Restoration Video In Real Time

Click on this link here to see a Headlight Restoration Instructional Video with our easy to use headlight restoration kit in real time. This video will give you a true sence on how it all done and how long it takes. The video will take you through step by step from start to finish. From a typical foggy cloudy looking headlight to a headlight that looks like new. The key word here is NEW not just clean but like new. So take a look at the instructional video, get yourself our headlight restoration kit and go restore your cloudy headlights. You will have a totally renewed feeling about your car again. Because cleaning your hazy headlights just doesn't only make your headlights look great. It makes your car look newer. I recommend your get our kit and see for yourself. You will be happy that you did. I guarantee it or your money back!
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  1. Dan on April 11, 2013 at 9:33 AM said:
    Abraham restored my headlights and to this day, people ask me if I bought a new car! No joke. His professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness just added to the detailed work he did on my 2004 VW Jetta. Ask him for pics of my headlights - I know he took some before/after shots. I highly recommend anyone to use this company and you won't be disappointed. Thank you Abraham!!!!
  2. Adel on April 19, 2013 at 11:11 AM said:
    it would drive humanity apart, but I've been seieng it do just the opposite.To make your discovery of the restoration kit via bontegames and this site even more curious, you should know that the only reason I even know about the kit is that I read of a person using it to get rid of the scratches on the case of his iPhone. I don't give a damn what my iPhone case looks like, but you can see in the pictures how bad my headlights were.Rather satisfying feeling when you finish up and see what you've accomlished, isn't it?Best,Stevens
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