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Headlight Restoration On A Dodge Viper 05

Yesterday Sat 10th Dec was the first time I restored the headlights on a Dodge Viper. Before I go into the details about the headlight restoration service done I have to mention how awesome that car is, Under the hood is a V-10, I was excited just to be able to sit in the driver seat and move it across the street to work on it. The owner Frazier is a real cool dude. Thank you for the business.

First We Restored The Audi TT Foggy  Headlights

I got called in to restore the foggy headlight on an Audi TT. Frazier tried to have them restored at his mechanics but unfortunately they ended up worst than they were before. Being disappointed by their work he did a little research on the internet and found us FixMYHead.com, He explained that the foggy headlights made his car look old. Anyhow we restored his Audi TT foggy headlights and made them look like new again. When he came outside and saw them he was very surprised with the results. Then he showed me the headlights on his Dodge Viper. 

Second We Restored The Dodge Viper Foggy Headlights 

Haven't done a Viper before, I wasn't sure about the texture of the lenses. With a small test I figure out what was the best approach suitable to restore them.  I went through our basic wet sanding process, cleaned them and sealed them with our UV activated process. They came out spectacular. Unfortunately I did not have my video camera with me but I was able to take a couple of shots with my I-phone. 

Unique Gift Idea For Holidays 

For the holidays or for any occasion I strongly suggest you consider a unique gift idea of restoring the foggy or hazy headlights for that special someone. You can do it yourself for them with our EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit or if the recipient is a DIY type of person simply give them the kit as a gift. If you are down here in South Florida call us and set up an appointment to have us restore them for you. You will save that special person a ton load of money plus increase their safety especially while driving at night time. Also you will definitely improve the looks of their vehicle. 


  1. Janet on December 27, 2011 at 3:55 PM said:
    If time is money you've made me a weatliher woman.
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