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Abes Headlight Restoration Blog

Headlight restoration technology is currently going through changes. To me that is very exciting. Allow me to introduce myself. Hi I am Abraham Baksh founder of EZ4U2 and www.fixmyheadlights.com headlight restoration service of South Florida. I started this headlight restoration business because of my own personal need. My BMW X5 was suffering with hazy headlights which made my car look much older and ugly. Plus I was having a problem with driving at night time.

Off course this happened after the warranty was up. Not knowing about headlight restoration or any headlight restoration service I went in to BMW dealership to replace the headlight. Well the shock was the headlights for the X5 was $800 each because they were Xenon. Plus to replace them was a 2hr work time at $179 per hour. So roughly it was costing me about $2 grand to replace them. To me that was outrageous so I decided I would find a solution to this problem. After trying and failing with headlight restoration kits from the auto supply stores and from the internet I combined my past experience in Jewellery and building maintenance supplies to come up with a solution.

From cleaning watch glasses I knew I had to sand the headlight lenses to get rid of the oxidization and fine scratches. The problem with only sanding the lens is that they get back oxidized in a short period of time. Polishing and waxing them did protect them a little longer but it was also short lived. Although sanding and polishing work great on watch faces, the impact that a car headlight has to endure is not comparable. I want you to think for a moment what happens to a car travelling at 6o to 80 miles per hour in traffic. The debris from the road is basically small rocks and sand mixed with dirt and oil. This road debris impact on your headlights are like having them sand blasted everyday you drive. So my conclusion was I had to get a sealer that would form a shield that is difficult to penetrate in order to solve the problem of foggy cloudy headlights.

To make a long story short I was able to network with some chemical company that produces the sealer that works great. So for the past three going on four years we have been using this sealer in our headlight restoration service giving our customers huge saving instead of replacement by restoring their cloudy foggy headlights. Now we are experimenting with new sealers that are more durable. Our testing has been all successful and soon we will be introducing it to our customers. Our new headlight restoration sealer gives a clearer finish and last about 2 to 3 years.

Also what I am excited about is our easy to use headlight restoraton kit will be out soon. We are looking to release it by the begining of Feb 2011. As I mentioned before my goal was to make this headlight restoration kit user friendly. I will keep you posted on further development with EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit.

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