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What's Really Great About Our Headlight Restoraton Kit

Yesterday I restored a Porsche 911 headlights with our easy to use headlight restoration kit the result was simply amazing. Bill the owner for a high end motor shop call us in to see if we could clean up and restore the Porsche headlights because they had some chemical damage. On seeing it I decided to use our headlight restoration kit to resolve the problem. I have to let you know the sanding process took some doing because the chemical burn scared the headlights.

When it came to sealing the headlights I decided to use the sealant from the restoration kit. Now that is where I saw how spectular is this kit. After applying the selant I was inspecting the headlights I notices there was a streak straight down the middle. Normaly at this time I would have to go back to a light sanding and re-seal, but I did not have to do that. All I did was apply some more sealer over the streak and my job was done.

The sealer on this headlight restoration kit is self leveling and was made to dry slowly. The reason we decided to have the sealer dry slower is because this headlight restoration kit was design with the average person in mind. You see we allowed space for errors to be corrected and the self leveling feature makes it easy to use, giving your headlight a finish like new just as the pros do it.

To say the least Bil was very happy with the results and the money that was saved from replacing them with new ones. You don't have to be a headlight restoration professional to restore your foggy headlights like new if you use our easy to use durable headlight restoration kit. Check it out for yourself.

You can get a professional headlight restoration finish with our easy to use headlight restoration kit. Check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did! You can have clean restored headlights like these.


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