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Why Wet Sand Your Foggy Headlights To Restore Them?

Wet sanding your foggy headlights to restore them is the best way to do headlight restoration, if you want them to look like new. Off course you have to seal them with a good quality sealer to make your restoration last. Who am I that you should take my advice?  I am Abraham Baksh founder of fixmyheadlights.com to start we have been successfully cleaning and restoring foggy headlights for over 5 years. Personally I have restored a wide varioty over 1000 headlights. From Porsches BMW Mercedes Cadilac Honda Hyundia Kia Toyota Nissan Ford Audi Lexus Infiniti and the list goes on. I figure about 99% percent of foggy headlights as well as oxidized headlights or cloudy headlights can be restored to look like new using our simple 4 step ez2 use headlight restoration kit which is a wet-sanding system.

Beware Of Wipe On Wipe Off Headlight Restoration Kits

Wipe on wipe off headlight restoration kits are in my opinion are a quick fix for a short period of time. With a wipe on wipe off headlight restoration you have a 50 / 50 chance that your foggy headlights will come out looking OK not like new. Your headlights may look a little better than they were before but in most cases it is short lived.

The Importanance Of Wet Sanding Your Hazy Headlights

When you wet sand your hazy headlights you are able to remove all the oxidization as well as the remaining manufacturer sealer that's on the headlight lens. It is important to get down to the pure polycarbonate plastic. Once you get to the pure plastic you can start reversing the process using finer grit sand paper then pollish and seal. When you follow this simple effective system your will restore your hazy headlights the professional way. 

EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit

Our EZ2 use headlight restoration kit has everything you will need to restore your foggy headlights to look like new guaranteed. 
The kit come with
  1. instructions
  2. 3 different grits of sand paper 400 / 1000 / 2000
  3. lens polish and applicator
  4. cleaner activator and applicator
  5. sealer and applicator
  6. disposable glove
Everything in the kit was designed for polycarbon headlight lens. If you looking to restore your hazy headlights like a professional then use the headlight restoration kit that the pros use the EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit. Click on the order button to order your kit today so you can drive safer tomorrow.
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