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Headlight Restoration Service

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Happy Thanks Giving

On behalf of the management and staff of FixMyHeadlights.com headlights restoration service and kits we would like to wish each and everyone a "SAFE and HAPPY THANKS GIVING" from our family to you and yours.

Drive To Stay Alive

In this festive time be resposible for yourself and others and please, please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Call a friend get a designated driver.

Texting And Driving A Big NO NO!

Just as a reminder DO NOT TEXT WHILE DRIVING whatever it is, it can wait untill you can stop or pull over to respond. It takes a blink of an eye to comletely change your life. Drive to stay alive.



  1. glenn whitt on June 3, 2014 at 8:55 AM said:
    Thanks so much for your awesome headlight restoration kit. I had tried a kit from Advance Auto but that was disappointed…….restored my foggy headlights with your kit today………..all I can say is wow!!! frikin amazing!!! it's like night and day...I will send you the pictures…. Super easy and your video was very helpful. Thanks again!!! Glenn
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