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The Holidays Are Here

It’s this time of the year again which in one way or the other we all play a part. It’s the time of giving and sharing full of love and togetherness. The festive atmosphere is contagious. Yes it’s the Holidays Season. It is my favorite time of the year.

Happy Holidays

We would like to extend our warmest wishes to all who celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all! Those who celebrate Hanukah, Happy Hanukah to you! To those who celebrate Kwanza, Happy Kwanza to you all. And to everyone we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Do Not Drink And Drive

In celebrating the holidays festivities remember safety. Please Do Not Drink And Drive. If you intend consuming alcoholic drinks please appoint a designated driver. Or have a taxi service in your phone contact to have easy access to use. Or probably overnight at your friends where you are partying. Use whatever alternative way you can to get back to your home safely, instead of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Reality Checks

A reality check here is your whole life can change in a split second. You can ruin your life as well as others. Just remember once you are in an accident there are no do over’s.  So we employ you to make your safety as well as others a priority while celebrating this joyous season. Again we would like to emphasize, drink responsively. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE
To You And Your Family The Warmest Wishes Over The Holiday Season and Happy New Years!

PS. Foggy headlights causes accidents. So if you have foggy headlights restore them with our DIY headlight restoration kit. Or in Broward county Florida call us 954-272-8560 for our headlight restoration service.
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