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How To Clean Your Ugly Headlights Lens 4 EZ Steps

Yes that's correct you can clean your ugly headlights lens in four easy steps with professional results. We have not only been cleaning ugly headlights lens but restoring them every day since 2007. Now we will show you how you can do it for yourself as well. The process is actually quite simple.
  • Step 1:     Wet Sand Your Headlight Lens
  • Step 2:     Polish The Lens
  • Step 3:     Pre-treat Clean the Lens
  • Step 4:     Seal Your Headlights Lens
That's it! It's not complicated. It is very simple. This is the basic principles of restoring just about anything. Cloudy or foggy headlights lens is no different. The only thing you have to put in place now is the different grit of sand paper. The type of polish, lens cleaner and sealer to be used. So let's get to it.

Headlight Restoraton Materials

Apart from the basic sand paper, polish, cleaner and sealer there are a couple of other items you will need. A roll of masking tape, a spray bottle with water and a roll paper towel. Ok, let's get started. First thing you need to do is tape around the healights lens of your car to protect your paint job. Now your lens are taped off start sanding with 400 grit sandpaper then proceed to 1000 grit and finally 2000 grit. Note: while sanding keep spraying the lens with water also keep examining the lens for remaining imperfections. Once sanding is completed proceed to polish the lens with a high quality compound polish. After polishing use a cleaner to remove any oily residue from the polish. Finally dry your lens and seal them. Look at the instructional video below.

Headlight Restoration Kit
Instructional Video


The EZ2 Use Headlight Restoration Kit

The headlight restoration kit that has everything you will need to restore your ugly headlights lens. We have put the same stuff we use in a kit so you can clean your headlights and get the same results that we have been making our customers happy everyday. Your headlights just wouldn't look clean they will look like new!! Click on the order button below and get your headight restoration kit. You can feel confident that your headlights will look like new, I guarantee it with a full money back guarantee.

Click Here to order your headlight restoration kit
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