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Summer Road Trip With Foggy Headlights

Include in your planning for a road trip for this summer restoring your foggy headlights. This is so easily overlooked. But restoring your foggy headlights is one of the most important thing you can do in planning a road trip. Weather you choose to do it yourself with a headlight restoration kit or have it done professionally by a headlight restoration service. Foggy headlights impairs your headlight light projection and this is a major safety issue. According DMV foggy or hazy headlights are a major cause of accidents in night time driving and the last thing you want to have happen in having a fun time with your family is an accident.

The Effect Of Foggy Or Hazy Headlights

Foggy headlights can have a fatal effect. Yes it can! First thing is when your headlights are foggy your light projection is greatly reduced. According to DMV you loose as much as 70%of your light projection. On low beam you should have a light projection of about 150ft. 70 % of 150 equates to a LOSS of 105ft of your light projection. So your light projection is now only 45ft.
Here are a few effects that results when you are driving a vehicle with a light projection of only 45ft.
  1. You often wonder if you turned on your headlights.
  2. You find yourself driving with your high beams most of the time
  3. You find yourself squinting your eyes to focus to see the road.
    (this can also mean you need to have your eyes checked for glasses.. ha ha !)
Also with only 45ft. of light projection you have a way shorter response time and as we get older our reflex action is much slower. Another thing to consider on a road trip are the roads are unfamiliar. You don't know the turns and curves which in itself makes it a little more challenging. So putting all these factors together you can see how driving with foggy headlights increases your chances of getting in an accident and the fact is some of these accidents can result in fatality. 

Increase Your Family Safety With Crystal Clear Headlights

Restoring your foggy headlights can greatly increase your safety on this summer road trip. Wheather you choose to use our headlight restoration service or headlight restoration kit either way your headlights are going to look like new guaranteed. If you are in South Florida Broward County or Miami Dade give us a call 954-272-8560 we will come to you and restore your foggy headlights to look like new. We promise you will be happy with our work and service. We have been satifying our customers for the past 5 years. If you are a do it yourself kind of person simply order our headlight restoration kit and do it yourself. The results are the same because it is the same headlight restoration system we put in our kits. On getting the kit look at our instructional video showing you step by step what you need to do. Plus we give you insider tips on how to get the professional finish.
We promise you will be happy with the results so Click on the ORDER BUTTON to order.



  1. Mark on July 24, 2012 at 12:19 AM said:
    Hi I met you yesterday at the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood and bought the Headlight Cleaning Kit from your booth. You took a look at my 2003 Honda Accord and assured me that using the kit on my headlights would make them look like new. I took advantage of the cloudy day to do the job this morning in my garage and you were absolutely right; the hazy headlights cleared up beautifully and now they look like new. I am a very happy customer because your kit works as you said it would plus it was easy to use. It was very nice to meet you and talk to you. Thanks for the great product. See you again one day at the YGFmarket. Mark South Florida
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