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Summer Road Trip With Hazy Headlights

A customer just reminded me about cleaning or restoring hazy headlights for this summer’s road trip. Susan Wilson called us last Friday to use our headlight restoration service to  restore her hazy headlights on her 2007 Honda Accord. She lives down here in Weston South Florida and was planning a road trip to West Virginia to visit her family. By the way that's an 18 hour drive. While talking to her she was expressing some of her concerns about the trip and one of the major things was her headlights was looking hazy. She was very worried about being able to see the road while driving at night. A couple of time she had to check whether or not she had turned ON her headlights because they were so hazy.

Use A Headlight Restoration Kit Or Service

Susan was contemplating restoring her hazy headlights herself with a headlight restoration kit but while doing her research online she saw a couple of our videos on YouTube. One of them was the instructional video for the EZ4U2 headlights restoration kit and the other was the video restoring the severely oxidized headlights on a BMW 325I that looked new when completed. She told me she was going to buy the kit but because of her busy schedule she decided to get our service instead. For her the nice thing was we are a local headlight restoration service company and the other was the convenience. She didn't have to lose any time from work because we are a mobile service who would come to her office.  

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