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Abes Headlight Restoration Blog

I Am Happy With The EZ4U2 Headlight Restoration Kit

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I just used your EZ4U2 headlight restoration kit and I have some before & after pics i'd like to send you. They came out awesome. The kit superseded my expectations.. You are right they don't just look clean, they look like new. 



From: Abraham Baksh
To: cldude
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2011 9:13 PM
Subject: RE: Headlight Restoration Pictures

hi Josh
Please send the headlight pics to this email address


Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 21:35:48 -0800
From: cldude
Subject: Re: Headlight Restoration Pictures
To: Abraham

Hi Abraham,

I just wanted to send you my before & after headlight restoration pics of my '05 Acura TSX. My car has over 300,000 miles on it. The headlights had massively heavy pitting from rocks & sand & some oxydizing as you can see. It took about an hour of sanding with the 400 grit before getting a uniform finish on the lens. After that it went pretty fast. I did cheat & use a small buffing wheel for the polish step. But as you can see from the after pics, I got about 95% (all but the deepest pits) of the damage off the lens! I'm very happy with the results & saved about $800 from having to replace the lamps.
I just wanted to say thanks. I've already started telling people about your kit.

BEFORE                                     AFTER

From: Abraham 
To: HL Josh
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 6:33 PM
Subject: RE: Headlight Restoration Pictures

Hi Josh

You did a fantastic job on your headlights
It gives me a deep down feeling of satisfaction when my customers get the results
that they are expecting. I appreciate your comments and pictures. With your permission
I am going to post it on my blog so others can see the professional quality results
that can be achieved with our headlight restoration kit.

Josh if you will can you comment on how easy it was to use the kit and was the video and instructions
easy to follow

Again, Thanks
Abraham Baksh

From: cldude
Subject: Re: Headlight Restoration Pictures
To: Abraham


You absolutely have permission to use this email & headlight restoration pics on your blog. I also posted these pics to facebook & have been sending my friends links to your website. The directions that come with the kit are very easy to follow, & I highly recommend watching the video on your website as reading directions are one thing, but actually seeing how easy this is to do in your instructional video gave me even more confidence that this was a job I could handle. Everything I needed came with the kit, the rest was easy. I actually did one headlight at first and left the other alone for a few days so I could drive around & show my family & friends the HUGE difference between the before & after! and now that they're both done, I can totally see the difference in brightness especially while driving at night. My headlights are definitely brighter.

thanks again.
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