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Abes Headlight Restoration Blog

Grandma Restored Her Foggy Headlights

Ellen a 62 year old grandma met me in the Yellow Greem Farmers Market in Hollywood Florida while she was visiting her family. She had told me about her foggy headlights so I asked her if she needed our service or is willing to restore it herself with our easy to use headlight restoration kit. She wanted the service but the problem was she lived out of state. I suggested she look at the video instruction for the headlight restoration kit which we had running to see if she thought she can fix it herself. After watching the video she opted to purchase the kit and restore her foggy headlights herself.

The Kit Is The Same Headlight Restoration System We Use 

I expained to her the system we use to restore headlights in the field is the same exact materials we put in our kit so the results are going to be very much alike,'new looking headlights.' I also suggested she look at the video again online on our website FixMyHeadlights.com. Well she bought the headlight restoration kit to did it herself. 

Grandma Was Amazed

A couple of day ago I got an email from Ellen. She had restored her headlights and she was amazed with the results so she wanted to share her before and after pictures with us. Here is her email and her pics.

Ellen email:

Hi Abe,
Here's my testimonial to a great product. Hope it helps others to fix there hazy headlights.
Regards, Ellen,
I own a 2001 Mazda, which is still in excellent running and physical condition with the exception of the hazy headlights, they had become dull and ugly looking. It made driving at night more difficult because sometimes I didn't know if my headlights were on or off. I met Abe at the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood while visiting from out of town, and was impressed with his knowledge and friendly demeanor. I also watched the video, helping me to see how the process works. Since I'm on a budget, I decided to purchase his headlight restoration kit and hope that I could do as good a job as the professionals on the video. I'm happy to say that it was easier to do and took less time than I expected. I'm extremely pleased with the results and would recomend anyone who has hazy headlights to use this kit. If a 62 year old woman can achieve good results, anyone can. See for yourself look at the pictures

Headlight restoration
Thanks Abe!

If A GrandMa Can Restore Her Headlights So Can You

Use the same headlight restoration kit that grandma Ellen used to restore her hazy headlights. Order it now right here

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