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Abes Headlight Restoration Blog
Happy New Years 
To one and all we wish you the best in this coming new year 2012.
It was our pleasure serving you in this past year.

New Years Resolution
Among the things you would like to accomplish in this coming year, here is a suggestion as an add on. Restore your foggy headlights on your vehicle. The reason for a headlight restoration is simple, YOUR SAFETY. Foggy headlights reduces your light projection which increases your chance of getting in an accident. So by restoring them you will increase your safety especially while driving at night time. Plus you will improve the overall appearance of your vehicle, in return you will feel so much better when coming to your vehicle. It brings back that proud feelings.

Be Proactive
Stop procrastinating and be proactive. You know driving around with foggy headlights increases your risk of being in an accident. Right? The reason is foggy headlights decreases your light projection so you are not able to see clearly as far as you should when driving at night time. The question is are you going to wait until something tragic happens or are you going to be proactive and do something about it not later but today? There are basically two ways you can restore your foggy headlights:
  1. Have them done professionally by a headlight restoration service
  2. Do it yourself with a DIY headlight restoration kit
Which ever way you decide to fix them will be a step in the right direction. If you are in South Florida Miami Dade or Broward County then you are in luck because you can use our service. You can call us 954-272-8560 to set up an appointment 'We Will Come To You' at your home or work where ever it's convenient.

Now if you are not in our area or your a do it yourself kind of person simply order our headlight restoration kit. FYI our kit has everything that you will need to restore your headlights like new. Not just clean but like new! Yes you read it right, I said LIKE NEW! and that's Guaranteed!! The reason that I can emphasize that is because this stuff in the kit is the same stuff we use in the field restoring foggy headlights and we have been doing it since FEB 2007 without fail. Look at the Instructional Video
Here is how to order your Headlight Restoration Kit. You can CLICK HERE or click on the Order Button Below

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