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Headlight Restoration On A Porsche Cayenne

Today we did a headlight restoration service call on a 04 Porsche Cayenne. The owner, Bill was very unhappy with the way the foggy headlights made his beautiful car look. He mentioned to me his car was like a piece of diamond jewelry and the headlights were the diamonds. If the diamonds are cloudy the jewelry loses its appeal

While driving on the expressway to the job site I saw a couple Cayenne’s that also had fogy headlights. After we restored Bills car he was amazed with the results. Now his Porsche looks like new again and he is HAPPY!! Apparently the Porsche Cayenne’s headlights are starting to become cloudy. Now what Bill realize is replacing these headlights are very expensive as you can imagine but restoring them was a whole lot less. He told me he saved approximately $1900. on both headlights. 

In our conversation he mentioned he did his research before calling us to clean and restore his foggy headlights. Apart from looking at a few of our headlight restoration videos on YouTube, he checked us out to make sure we were not a fly by night company. He looked at our website fixMyHeadlights.com , He also checked out the competition as well to see what they had to offer. According to him he found what we saying about foggy headlights and how to restore them made a lot of sense. 

1) Wet sanding the lens to get rid of the oxidation and scratches
2) Sealing the lens to protect them from getting oxidized in a short period of time.

Now Bill is a happy customer and his car looks great again.
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